Season 3 Tier set

I’d imagine these are likely first passes as it happened with season 2, and hopefully will iterate.

insert depressing joke about blizzard devs not playing the class here

Blood is the only one that seems vaguely ok, sounds like up time will be easy.

UH seems like they want us to get the tier set, stop raiding and go do dungeons instead…

Frost sounds even more odd, chill streak isn’t even part of ST rotation as far as I’m aware. Again seems like a cleave thing.


For frost DK - I hate it with a burning passion.

Who in their right mind would design an entire set around something so terribly awful as Chillstreak? This is ridicolously bad.

I look at Frost Mage - Hell yeah, even more Glacial Spike boom.

But Frost DK? Terrible, Awful.
They obviously have no clue about frost DK or even what to do with it. Just bad.


Absolutely out of touch tripe of a set bonus, Tier 2 had actual thought behind it and made obliteration so sweet to play, but these setbonuses, for UH and Frost screams that the guy that was beginning to understand the feel and play of DK was promtly removed, or he left.

Even the entire premise of allowing chill streak to bounce of yourself without any additional way it could do damage while doing so is also absolutely an insult, HALF of it’s bounces would do no damage, even with this new chance on gaining other buffs while it does so its not worth it, even the damage amp is pathetic compared to the Tier2 to what it could do for both breath and obliteration.

Supreme miss of a set bonus, and might actually kill my desire to try raiding with guildies for the first time for real in Dragonflight unless they change it to something completely new.

Something as simple as making it like the hunters death chakram would also be SMARTER, and make more SENSE, allowing to full damage in single target scenarios. But i should not be suprised, i left the game and these forums years ago due to blizz constant fumbling, only returning for the quality RP and actual obliteration gameplay being good again.

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The Unholy tier set is actually great or at the least way better than expected. Unholy has had a very simple problem all expansion it does great in ST and in very large AOE pulls and nothing inbetween. That’s cool and all but when M+ pulls are 4-6 guys it’s just so meh.

Unholy is also incredibly bursty and while I do enjoy that it has gotten a little silly just how far apart our 3 mins are from the rest of our damage. The balance changes they made adres this and the tier set plays right into that more consistent damage.

The spec certainly still has a whole laundry list of issues. The tier set isn’t one.

The frost one? yeah it’s not… but with some tweaks sure. The Blood one is unexciting but fine i suppose like every other blood tier set has been this expansion.

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With the current class changes in mind, thier UH tier bonus makes sense, though I still don’t see how it makes sense as a raid tier bonus? 2p, yeah great, will give us small group cleave and slightly better single target.

4p though? Unless that 5% increase will feel huge in terms of numbers with all the changes in mind, just feels like a huge nerf compare to the 20% mastery the current 4p is giving. Maybe it’s just a number thing? Sure 5% bonus to all our damage every 45 seconds isn’t bad, maybe it will have a noticeable cumulative effect on ST. Defo feels a lot more of a m+ thing. Unless they’re planning on always having adds on raids bosses this tier, who knows.

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Imagine the your magus now hits 4 targets line not being there. Does it look like an M+ or Raid tier set now? The 4p is just about having that little mage in the back consistently plinking away + the damage buff ofc. Compared to our current tier it’s much more about having that consistent line of damage rather than focusing on the burst.

I believe it is actually simming higher than our current tier in pure ST (with the other changes in mind). Not massively so. Haven’t looked into how it compares to what other classes are getting.

The bigger ‘‘problem’’ is going to be losing PI really. On pull we are probably still be a good target but I very much doubt it’s going to be worth holding PI for our 3 mins. So while our overall should in theory not be too different the drop is going to be felt more.

Still tuning is less of a concern. Comparing the first impression of the upcoming tier set with what our current tier first was is night and day.

And yes if they do another perma 4 target council fight Magus be blasting.

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wait a second, you mean this effect makes the magus shoot 4 bolts simultaniously at all times even if there’s a single target?! Damn in that case yeah it’s huge!! :nerd_face:

Yeah I guess we need to see what sort of PI nerf is going to happen. I reckon it will affect demo locks as well, not just UHDK. Like that trinket nerf they did after season 1 remember?

Though I do wonder, if magus will blast that hard, maybe we’re going to benefit of PI even more often? 2min cd won’t align though, doubt it will be worth a priest holding a PI back just for us.

6m (only this one will align again)

wait a second, you mean this effect makes the magus shoot 4 bolts simultaniously at all times even if there’s a single target?! Damn in that case yeah it’s huge!! :nerd_face:

No no no don’t get me wrong they don’t. The reason I said that was that without the aoe element you wouldn’t really think of it as an M+ tier set that’s somehow useless in raid right?

For context magus is currently already like what 7%? of our damage in ST. Now double that with another magus and extend it. Magus will be our top or near top damage in ST next patch.

I reckon it will affect demo locks as well

Demo locks are currently in the dumps. Where our changes ended up giving us pretty much the same damage and probably made the gameplay healthier. Yeah uh demo didn’t get that apparently. Altho you know they are warlocks privilege so it will prolly get resolved before next patch anyway.

maybe we’re going to benefit of PI even more often?

Unlikely our CDs just don’t line up. I assume our real competition is just going to be class that happens to have clean 2 min cds.

Like that trinket nerf they did after season 1 remember?

I know it made sense. It would have been incredibly toxic if our BiS trinket was one from last season that’s suddenly unobtainable at the highest ILVL. But that still hurts my soul till this day.

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The Frost Set bonus. Makes no sense. Dragonflight talents were all about giving various choices for how you play, but now you must take a talent that no one uses :thinking:


This chill streak maybe will be really,really good in pvp.
Increase your dmg up to 20%,possible lower CD with each hit,more hits.
If you combine chill streak with pillar of frost it will be insane dmg.
Maybe they will have to buff oblit dmg. because of lossing set crit dmg bonus of oblit. and pvp crit nerf.
For PvE bad idk we will see probably it would be some changes.

Right I’m with ya, this does make sense.

Would be nice if they fixed how UHDK scales though so this kind of extreme reliance on trinkets an other external buffs does look that bad.#

Let’s see hopefully the way they’re balancing things on this patch we’re likely going to be more stable

s3 4pc looks like it means we can use the pure single target build in dungeons, as well have some cleave. maybe.

only time will tell. my main concern is how safely the 2 and 4pc can be tuned once out in the wild.

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