Season 4 is DEAD


theres your ilvl (269) and season 3 skipped characters also if you played season 3 maybe you wouldn’t have to spend 20 hours in bgs also solo queue is way faster honor farm than any kind of pvp activity

also even honor gear has 285 ilvl in pvp so just because you dont want to grind and skip whole seasons it doesnt mean system is broken & omg game is bad also taking 60k dmg from what exactly? and do you press defensive cooldowns?

exposed :face_with_peeking_eye:

I met u on my lock onetime in durotar and chat and tought to myself this is alright guy, u are forever my lock bro now :rofl:

U are not foolin me with this bad guy act flaming this fool :upside_down_face:

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im not flaming anyone its just weird to skip whole season and then blame it on game when you didn’t even play it and skipped like 5-6 months of progression like I DESERVE MAX ILVL BLIZZARD even tho you didnt play well how do you deserve it then when other players who are higher ilvl actually spent time and played game… just lol

also whos your warlock

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Ik :upside_down_face:

Also it take like hour or so to gear alt full 7/7 spam solo suffles I just did that on my dudu to catch up into s4 last week

I think alot ppl are just unhappy of sl and frustrated etc sand in :peach:

Its just a random nobody in mmo, but I was left impression of respect of been able have normal chat with someone who is alot higher than me in this game

Kinda reminded me of meeting this one other high lock player who favor demo, called Sosseri years back dueling areas garrison era and dude was also cool guy and was memorable to have chat about lock design and such in non toxic manner with someone who knows what they talking about :+1:

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alright thats cool also i didn’t mean “who” as in a toxic way just i’m alright with memorizing names so thought i would remember :japanese_goblin: :+1:

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Its a game not an airport you dont have to announce your departure, just get on the plane and byeebyee o/

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