Season 4 PvP Update: Removing the Conquest Cap and Spoils of War

We’ve been hearing the feedback from the community to lift the Conquest Cap for Shadowlands Season 4. We’re happy to announce that we will be doing so with next week’s resets (Wednesday, August 17), but also want to offer some explanation on why we were initially hesitant to do so.

  • First, we understand the sentiment regarding how Valor is uncapped this season while Conquest remains capped. However, the two currencies are not exactly alike in design or purpose. For example, there is no Valor vendor where you can purchase the specific item that you want. While Conquest is used to acquire specific items at a vendor, Valor is used to upgrade items that have dropped randomly from the Great Vault or from running M+ dungeons.

  • Second, we know that once the Conquest cap is removed, many players will set out to acquire a full set of gear as quickly as possible, creating a significant power gap between themselves and any characters that are new to the season. We generally do not remove the cap until later in the season when we feel many players who have been playing all season have had the opportunity to acquire a full set of gear. This allows the competitive environment to remain closer during the early part of the season.

  • Finally, the Conquest cap serves to throttle gear acquisition to a rate comparable with the other main parts of the endgame, Raids and M+.

By lifting the cap early, we understand that some of the above issues may arise. But in this shortened and experimental final season of Shadowlands, we want to take an opportunity to be flexible and responsive to your feedback.

In addition to the Conquest cap removal, there are two more PvP changes that we want everybody to be aware of:

  1. The Spoils of War buff will be reactivated with next week’s reset, so players taking part in Battlegrounds and Arena will have their Conquest gains increased by 25% and Honor gains increased by 40%. This is planned to remain active for the rest of Season 4.
  2. For the Solo Shuffle Brawl, the minimum item level floor has been increased to 278 (is currently 252). This is already live.

Thank you for your feedback and we’ll see you on the battlefield!


Pls remove tanks from solo shuffle


This is some great news. Thanks a lot


Wow, thanks a lot. This is amazing news actually.


awesome news


Without giving new players an ilvl of at least 290 this is a bad decision. Everyone with gear is steamrolling them already and farming 100k honor for upgrading honor gear is terrible while still not standing a bit of a chance against people with 290+


combining it with spoils of war is a nice touch. i’m still not entirely happy about this as an arena team that plays once a week, we will fall very far behind those who play 3 or 4 times a week.


Great changes!!

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Awesome changes! Thank you Blizz

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i dont like it. lifting the cap to 1400 or sth every week wouldve been enough. nolifers gonna be fully geared next week.


gonna be such an arms race with other nolifers to full gear increasing cap by alot wouldve been better

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Calm down dude, you know how Seasons works? Every New Season ilvl is increasing by about 26ilvl points. If I remember correctly in last season Max/Cap ilvl was 278ilvl, so every season everyone start from the beginning in some sense…

So total noob question.

Does this translate to honor level increases as well?

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Bravo! :clap:

This is what community interaction is about.

It’s not that deep m8. We got thrown a bone, just be somewhat happy and grind it out until it all changes in a few months.

Great changes. The remaining 900 pvp players will finally be able to enjoy the game.


not only new but also just not rated high enough.
this is just on you and nobody likes it. 2 years of active feedback and you implement a 5 min coding into the next expac instead of this season to also ruim this one. congratz
stomp fest in low arena and bgs will continue, good job


ye game is completetly changed now will be so much better next reset. its not like u only are full gear third week of the season and everything else stays the same kekw.
probably the reason blizz implements this is because they screwed up with unopened s3 vaults that got people 5/5 s4 ilvl set pieces.

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No, only new players start from the beginning and the gear gap is way too big already.



Well, but you can spam M+ which wil eventually get you fully geared up in a day or two, even if not BiS at least you’ll have high ilvl and can replace the not BiS pieces farther on.

First of all - power gap already existed for a long time. Ever since Season 2 started and onwards, there will always be a great disparity in power betwen new players/new chars and chars who participated in last and current seasons. And the gap was made bigger when you introduced so many upgrade levels to aspirant and conquest sets.

Also, this can be easily shortened. Since we’re at the last experimental season, make honor set more easily acquirable. Drastically reduce the cost of honor/aspirant gear, and remove the upgrade system from the honor gear and make it fully upgraded baseline.

See, an easy fix. Never made ANY sense honor gear having upgrade tiers, when it’s aspirant gear doomed to be replaced with conquest gear. The current system doesn’t make sense. If you want to have a fully upgraded aspirant gear, it takes a LOT of honor to buy the set, and to upgrade it to max rank - and that makes zero sense for entry level gear.