Season 4 PvP Update: Removing the Conquest Cap and Spoils of War

this is a great change! it would be cool to see conquest gear scaled up to 311 ilvl while in a rated pvp instances such as Arena’s and RBG’s this would allow players to just get on and play the game and enjoy it.

Considering this season will be shorter and experimental if the change above was implemented it would make it a lot more alt friendly for those who would like to try out a new class or specialization as they wouldn’t have to spend hours farming honor alongside the conquest gear while also being gatekept with various rating milestones in order to experience their desired class at optimal power levels thus would also reduce the amount of “rating boosts” and players moaning about being farmed by higher experienced players with max ilvl gear at lower ratings while adding a level of skill back into the games.

of course there would still be the titles, transmogs and mounts for the elitist to display their pvp achievements which is what rewards should be and would also give a better sense of achievement rather than the “oh look you’re really good at PVP so lets give you an even bigger advantage of +20 ilvls over the lesser skilled/casual players so you can destroy them even faster” because that is a massive feels bad.

just my own opinion


that’s great - i can safely pick PVE items in the vault then!

buff dk’s so we can compete in 2s bracket aswell.

This or for only pvp players it means definite sockets.

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Just remove the rating requirements for PvP upgrades already. That’s the god damn problem. You’re “experimenting” with dumb crap, while ignoring the biggest issue that has plagued this game for 2 years, ffs


In most cases PvE pieces would be better early on still short of hitting early rival 2 or duelist. It does make picking sockets on strictly PvP chars a much more viable option though. Thankfully they also reduced the amount of tokens needed per socket as well, making them quicker to get.

Make this season enjoyable for other healer specs in pvp, lets say all the dps specs too. Nerfing Boon of the Ascended has to be on your list. Next week team? This is a kind request.

This is maybe a good change for players currently enjoying the game.

For players who are waiting season to inflate, it might be just better for them to quit the game. Because now they are forced to play the game more to not fall behind.

Or they can just play the game and farmed by better players like a some dungeon mob all day lol

“Experimental” part should be a joke. I’m currently paying for the game for the full product not some experimental thing. It is Blizzard’s job to determine what is the best and provide it. If Blizzard wants to do experiments they can do them on a test realm, not on production. I wonder who writes those statements, it seems Blizzard has lot of underqualified people hired there. Imagine going to mc donald’s and after you start eating the thing they say “Oh that is an experimental burger you eating, it can taste like a poop hehe”.

Also what is the community? I hope it is not the streamers. Most of those guys have no real jobs and not qualified to do any. So playing the game better and more does not mean you will come up with the good ideas/feedback about the game.

Make the queues then based on ilvl and rating then. Not only rating

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all they have to do is make comp stomp a permanent thing for low ilvl people to farm honor. getting used to their class while getting honor for spending time and they don’t end up in arena skirmishes, solo shuffle, random battle grounds with their 40k health… win - win

They should just forever remove comp stomp.

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you can just unsub? they made it clear months ago that this season 4 will be like this. plenty of time to unsub and not pay a single euro. Its your fault.

Time to grind more honor lvls, that honor buff is good :slight_smile:

It is not my fault I already purchased 6 months game time, after that they can’t just say we are doing experimental season. It seems you are even not capable of considering this case?

You only did it for the 6 month sub rewards, don’t play the victim.

I actually did it because it was cheaper to buy 6 months. But this isn’t about me.

They can’t just say the game is “experimental” after we pay. They can say that if they are gonna do refund for everyone for their remeaning game time if people don’t wanna participate in experiment/beta content. But I don’t think they will ever gonna do that.

The experiment part has nothing to do with pvp, kinda like how it was in legion short seasons with minimal changes.

blizzard always abandons the game in the last few months of an expansion. Under normal cirsumstances we did not have a season 4 but just one super extended 1 year long season 3 like last two expansions. They work on the new expansion and the last season is always super long and troll.

From a pvp perspective this season isnt even bad. No new leggy grind, no pve grind, no rep grind, 278 conduits for everyone.

No conquest cap and honor removed is something many people wished for this season.


That’s true i liked the changes for S4, they focus on DF.

But right now I’m still struggling against melee compositions, especially when it is a cleave.

Shaman is also a class that is hard to fight for me.

that would be the right way!!! i completely agree to you!!!

i think they create the current system bc they want that people grind like fu** and spend time at the game. but this is not fun. it is not fun to lose to bad people only bc they have better gear then you.

and btw nerf fk** mm hunter and warlock dmg… im sick of blind devs really…

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