Season 4 PvP Update: Removing the Conquest Cap and Spoils of War

You have been hearing feedback that Conquest or Conduits should have not been put behind rating since S1 SL. You did nothing about it. None of these buffs or cap changes matter a damn thing. We skip S4 PvP. It’s that simple.

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Still baffled how a multi billion dollar company can’t afford a pvp development team.

yeah i don’t think so… why do we get PvP nerfs based on PvE? if warlock rain of fire & infernal immolation aura is overpowered in 5-10 mobs in PvE why do we get nerf in both PvE & PvP? when in PvP theres 2 enemies only if they stack which is not that often anyway most warlock nerfs are based on PvE and it goes through PvP too kinda weird dont think you’ve been listening to PvP community but PvE :face_holding_back_tears: :+1:

they hear it and ignore it :man_shrugging:

solid as usual

They fired most of their QA and let us do the job while paying a sub. It’s not about what they can afford, it’s what they can get away with.
If they are afraid of a forum uproar, just make a painting a fruit.

How do you do this??? I spammed like 20 m+ on one day and got two drops both of which were some useless versa trinket from iron docks. Teach me.

2 drops in 20 runs? Yea right :clown_face:

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