Season ended early?

I went for duelist before season 3 ended for the illusion but for some reason no reward was given? Did anybody else experience that the rating got locked prematurely? You can clearly see on my screenshots that i earned duelist on the 23rd of april which is still dragonflight season 3 (gotta zoom in to see the ring on calendar in second screenshot.

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It got locked at 10 pm CET.

“Dragonflight Season 3 will be ending 23 April at 21:00 BST, the night before the regularly scheduled maintenance, with Dragonflight Season 4 beginning immediately following on April 24” which is 22:00 CET.
Heres the info if you dont trust it. The info is right at the top.

So according to your screenshot you missed it with 1hour and 47 minutes.

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The first screenshot shows you earning it at 23:47.

The second one shows you opening it, at 23:54.

Assuming you have CEST as your current time which is equal to the server time you were late with earning these rewards by 1 hours and 47 minutes. Since CEST time is one hour later then BST (BST: 21H, CEST 22H, your screenshotted time: 23:47.)

Ofc i feel bad for you but if you miss your flight because you didn’t know time zones at the airport, it’s on you then : /