Make ur final push! I know I cant because of vacay.

Felt like a short season with few participants this so called season 3.

They call it the “experimental” season 4. Any ideas what this could mean? Will we see a glimpse of new dragonflight inputs?

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Experimental from pve perspective, with all sl raids being actual. Pvp-wise we will receive more ilvl on items and that’s all


no push this time for me. not good enough, at least not with playing once a week, and even if we did push 2400 it’d take weeks to get the wins.

i did watch a little bit of xaryu playing my class and comp (sub rmp) last night and it annoyed me a bit because i didn’t think it looked good and they were 2250. it’s crazy how much more inflated NA is this time around.

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Don’t expect much, it’s gonna be the exact same season and state as it is now so yeah they change the name of the season and reset rating but it’s gonna be same 100%.


Expect this season to start inflating now too. Most people start bothering when season end is announced.

Im done hehe. Im on vacay until august 1st!

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will there be new sets and duelist enchant s4?

funny to see last season “glads” hardstuck 2.1 atm. They are in panic mode.


Same here

And with the vacations we probably won’t get to play as much as we’d like to with the team sadly, so I think it’s over for me :<

Go next !

I imagine summer is normally slower for people

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lol so true :joy:

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I cant imagine this being the case.

Duellist enchant will be some uglier recolor of S2 enchant that still won’t get fixed so you will get broken textures as always. Same with glad mount. You’ll get the ugly green one that was supposed to be for season 3 and you will like it.
New sets will either be recolor of the current set or the previous season.

And here I thought they will try to do something good for PvP like making one single unupgradable conquest set…

They told sets will be the same but higher ilvl

He plays with multi glad people that are already glad this season so yeah it’s pretty easy for him I believe =D

If you got no team and have to waist time in lfg, you lose motivation and lack times for sure, it’s my destiny unforch xD

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nevermind i’ll remove all this stuff, doesn’t feel right. in any case i don’t think it was him getting carried by insane partners but maybe i’m wrong. what i really reacted to was him saying it wasn’t a bad game afterwards but maybe that was him trying to be positive.

they will call it experimental pvp…

buffed rogues, buffed demos
next will be buff to bm hunters and of course mages.

see how that experiment will go.

also yeah experiment 2 will be no change after that till expac to see how many people will quit

Sure and setup comps without voice is still hard but easier when your partners are glad than other casual 2k player =D

I see it myself, when my friend can play we push easily and on the same class with an alt in lfg I struggle so hard at low cr. I’m same guy with same spec, so good teammate are noticeable.

Partner spec matters though. Playing outlaw with almost any holy priest and you can get them several hundred ratings higher even with all the mess ups. Makes me wonder how busted sub/holy has been

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