Season of Discovery Class Tuning - 11 January

Tomorrow, we intend to make the following adjustments via hotfixes:


  • Chimera Shot weapon damage increased to 100% (was 85%).
  • Explosive Shot base damage increased by 25% before Attack Power modifiers.
  • Mana cost of Chimera Shot, Explosive Shot, Carve, Kill Command, and Flanking Strike reduced by 50%.
  • Beast Mastery rune bonus health and damage provided to Hunter pets reduced to 20% (was 30%).
  • Beast Mastery rune bonus Focus regeneration provided to Hunter pets reduced to 50% (was 80%).
    • Developers’ notes: We remain concerned that Hunter pets are still too powerful, and believe that the best way forward is to reign in the Beast Mastery rune while compensating via the Hunter’s main spells.


  • Base healing done by rune abilities reduced by 20%.
    • Priests are outperforming other healers significantly. This adjustment will apply to Prayer of Mending, Penance, and Circle of Healing.

We’ll confirm here tomorrow (January 11) when the changes go live to all Season of Discovery realms.


Where are the Shaman dps changes? Bottom teir dps since day one together with shadow. Feelsbad gearing like crazy after hearing they’d make them viable as a selling point in the prelude to SoD. Got no more room for the “it will get better later”-cope, well it has sucked for what will be almost a quarter of a year


As it should be.

If anything should have nerfed BM rune a bit more and buffed other runes a bit more.


Good start. Now boost ele sham, shadow priest, and combat rogues - please.


As a hunter, I love it. I play MM with chimera shot and boar/raptor anyway. So this is very good news for me.

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Great changes.

No way priest are outperforming other healers when they have so many healing runes and have way better skills at this phase in general with the gear, talents that is available.
20% is huge cut as you get only like 1/3 of healing even from bis items.
Lets see, they will def be decent heals still, but I don’t think it is even fair to compare them to other healers to begin with


Making balancing changes this close to phase 2 ? This could only be a very good sign for the next phase


Cool…Cool…I get you wanting to fix outliers but how about warrior/rogue and both shaman dps specs?

Enhancement dps is basically unplayable if you don’t want to piss off tanks and even while benefiting from a second gear set worth of attack power our dps is so damn weak.
I don’t think stormstrike (20s cd is mental) and windfury will carry us higher , didn’t do it in vanilla won’t change much now… give us maelstrom already…
Elemental is just depressing, our guild had no joke 8 elemental shamans predictions before SoD launch , we had 0 after the first 2 weeks, wake up.

fixing outliers should be done on both ends of the spectrum, look at paladins they hang out in the middle , shamans? still memes.

I played this game for 15 years and I fell in love with shamans since classic 19 release. Sad to say but if we still linger at the bottom , ignored by the devs at 40 and you let us down again in later phases I might just call it an era and move on from this game.


indeed what a slap in the face this was .

“Everyone is OP” yeah right. Can’t wait to be forced to heal again in molten core :+1: (get rid of elemental immunities, your company realized along the way how bulls*it that is)

Nerfing it by 20% flat is not gonna change priests in PvP, should’ve increased the mana costs of their PoM/Penance. Still a good step.

Pets should have never gotten an increase of output in the first place at low levels, bad change. HP is fine, damage never was.

Suprised the competence literally ends there, was hoping for a gap closer for paladin as every melee class literally has one. Warriors can charge in combat, rogues can Shadowstrike/ranged slow etc. Avengers Shield is a terrible way to close a gap considering it just slows and has a long CD.
Would be great if y’all would adress the safespotting issue in towns like Darkshire/Lakeshire/Menethil Harbor, rather than ignoring it.
It has been said you guys ban people for it, naturally people expect Blizzard to uphold it.

Suprised the competence literally ends there, was hoping for a gap closer for paladin as every melee class literally has one.

You seemed to have missed enha. Well so have blizzard kekw

be happy with ghost wolf and frost shock, both tools pally lacks, but yes you do kinda get screwed over aswell

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How are people asking for rogue buffs?? My rogue pumps pretty hard. shrugs

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Where is the star surge nerf??? Critting for 500!!?? Hello


stop the cope man, it doesn’t. the best i can do is 450 in good gear.

beast mastery rune when beastial wrath and dash/sprint comes out " your pet’s Growl now Taunts the target to attack it for 3 sec."

It’s gonna be hard to heal as priest in raid. Not sure if this is enough fix for pvp.

The better aproach is to make the runes cost more mana in my opinion.

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or maybe make it a PvP thing only.


Blizzard is looking to force hunters to play MM, as it has been in Classic since 2005… for that then it’s better not to play SoD, as it brings nothing new to our playstyle.

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