Season of Discovery Class Tuning - 20 December

We’re making the following tuning adjustments with weekly scheduled maintenance in each region:


  • Living Flame now benefits from and consumes Arcane Blast.


  • Avenger’s Shield’s movement slow is now properly considered a Snare and can be removed by effects that remove movement impairing effects.
  • Mana granted by Seal of Martydom to party and raid members has been increased. Seal of Martyrdom now grants all party and raid members 20% of damage the Paladin takes from the seal (was 10%).


  • Blade Dance has been updated to grant 10% parry at all ranks, rather than increasing parry chance per combo point. The only effect of more combo points is now increased duration.


  • Mana granted by Shamanistic Rage to party and raid members has been increased. Shamanistic Rage now grants party and raid members 20% of the mana gained by the Shaman (was 10%).

An additional update is underway, and will be added to the game until later this week:


  • Tailoring
    • Tailors may now learn and craft Invoker’s Cord and Invoker’s Mantle. Both grant additional spell damage and healing. These recipes can be purchased from Borya in Orgrimmar or Elynna in Darnassus.

Still no seal twisting for paladins…Sigh…


and u still gonna keep avenger’s shield cd at 30 sec?


shield gonna be pretty good in BGs, 3man instant range snare? i guess in 1v1 this versio is better because you can get out of the snare with trinket play. if they reduced the cd more then the snare effect had to be removed totally, i do be happy with that but i dont think lot of palas who pvp wants that to happen

These are truly laughable updates…


(post deleted by author)

Well, the list of changes will be much longer, this is just the beginning. I still dream about splitting some runes from one slot into different ones.

PS: and give shamans swords.
Thunderfury - shaman weapon!!!1111

I mean it’s very bland, there needs to be more changes.

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Those tailoring items are like pissing on the wildfire.

I am sure dat’ll fix all them casters being anywhere 15-50% less DPS than physicals.

There is something wrong with you if you want the seal twisting in it lol.


agree seal twisting is the most boring playstyle ever


Considering the Mage buff, most people expected it does work, so now it is kinda nice to see it should.
But mage needs way more… the “Mass Regeneration” rune is not working 1/3 of the time… even thrown in melee it chains to… 1-2 people sometimes. Would be nice to see 20-25y instead of 15… cant even chain tank + melee unless raid is really sticking together all the time.
The hand rune to turn back time… is useless completely, cause you need arcane blast to heal all the time, not just once in 6sec, and pure “Regeneration” is by far not enough. It is nice “oh sh*t” button, but not in place of main dps/heal spell.

“Tailors may now learn and craft Invoker’s Cord and Invoker’s Mantle. Both grant additional spell damage and healing. These recipes can be purchased from Borya in Orgrimmar or Elynna in Darnassus.”
PLEASE NO! Let it drop somewhere, even in raid…

You did NOTHING against bots… there are still tons of them, people using bots to farm vendors… if you want 3int on 2H weapons, you have no chance to get it with all the bots checking vendor and buying it to post it for XG in AH…
Either solve bots forever (never gonna happen), or let it drop so we can at least have some way to farm it, not like bots wont farm the mobs too but there you have chance to at least try, without standing on vendor watching movie on second monitor…

Good recipes sold by vendors are worst thing you can do.


i dont understand this…

you are saying not to have it in open world because bots buy the recipe off the Ah and relist for higher price.

blizz are selling the recipe on a vendor no? purchasable by everyone? so there is no conflict with the bots?

No thank you.

Can we make the Scroll that drop for Mages stack. Otherwise they just get thrown out every time bags are getting full!

Where is any priest adjustments? They are ruining the pvp experience right now…



Why are they so intent on adding cloth crafts that conflict with the BFD set? If casters need additional spell power would it not make more sense to give them crafts for slots where this stat is non existent?

From what I remember there is no cloth shoulders with spellpower from BFD and the belt kind of sucks balls having something like 6 spellpower, which is a joke.

That said - I don’t expect much from these 2 items.