Season of Discovery Developer Update - 17 May


The team has been hard at work on Season of Discovery and Cataclysm Classic. There’s a lot happening in Classic right now, and while we’ve been working incredibly hard, we’ve also been fairly quiet, so we felt it would be a good time to provide an update on a few things, including Season of Discovery Phase 4.

Phase 4 Release Update

Cutting straight to it, and as you have no doubt likely noticed, the World of Warcraft team has been delivering a lot of exciting content lately, and this will (of course) continue well through the next few months and beyond. As such, to land Phase 4 at just the right time, our current phase (Phase 3) is going to last longer than previous Season of Discovery content phases. We can’t share Phase 4’s release date just yet, and we know this news and the longer Phase 3 may be disappointing to some, but our timeline will ensure that our Classic team delivers an experience worthy of our players at the high-quality bar we are setting for ourselves.

We’re so very excited to share what’s next with you.

We also want to make sure that we take the time we need to deliver equally awesome experiences in both Season of Discovery and Cataclysm Classic, and give Cataclysm Classic’s launch the time it deserves to breathe, without players feeling the pressure of needing to choose between it and all of the other fun things that are happening in WoW right now. We understand our players love to plan, so we wanted to signal our intentions now and let you know that we intend to share the exact timing of Phase 4’s launch, and start discussing what it will include, as early as it is possible to do so.

Please stay tuned for more information on Phase 4 coming soon.

Phase 4 PTR Plans

In a departure from previous phases, we will spin up a limited PTR specifically focused on combat and class testing for Phase 4. We plan to include level 60 templates with all runes and abilities learned, and we tentatively plan to provide some sort of access to level 60 tier set bonuses. We also plan to provide access to training dummies and some raid content, as well as battlegrounds, so that players can test out their new builds. Again, our intent with this PTR is to focus on combat and class testing, and we will not be using it to test the unique content coming with Phase 4. We’ve received an enormous amount of class feedback from players, and we’re very excited for the level 60 runes to be discovered as well as our revamped tier sets.

We’re investing heavily into class adjustments going into Phase 4, and while perfect balance is not the goal, we do want to look at classes, specs, and runes that are underperforming and find opportunities to make as many improvements as we can. Many classes will see substantial redesigns going into the level 60 endgame, with some runes moving around and others becoming baseline skills. We’re excited for players to jump in to play around with these substantial adjustments and participate in the feedback loop with us ahead of Phase 4 hitting live realms.

We’ll share more information on our testing schedule very soon.

Level 60 Content Phases

One common question we’ve been asked is “how will the various raid tiers roll out at level 60?”, and we want to provide some clarity and let everyone know that we will be rolling raids out in phases similar to how we did in 2019’s Classic. The first tier will consist of Molten Core and Onyxia, and a few weeks after that we will see Blackwing Lair, followed by Zul’Gurub, with additional endgame content and surprises that we’re planning to add between the major raid tier releases as well. For ease of communication, we intend to frame our releases around the familiar original WoW raid tiers.

Sunken Temple Adjustments Incoming

One consistent piece of feedback we’ve received is that the rewards from Sunken Temple have been a bit underwhelming. During our design and testing of Phase 3, we didn’t entirely know the scale and scope of adjustments we’d make to Level 60 dungeon gear, Tier 1 item sets, and Molten Core and Onyxia gear. Now that we have a good idea about those, we think it makes sense to increase the power level of some of the Sunken Temple gear. These updates will particularly focus on caster gear, which feels the most underpowered.

We’ll let you know when we’ve got this ready to implement in the live game.

We want to again express a heartfelt thanks to our passionate players. We’ve had a blast playing with you in Season of Discovery and now in the Cataclysm Classic pre-patch, and we can’t wait to get more exciting Classic content into your hands very soon!

Thank you,

The WoW Classic Development Team


Phase 3 to last longer than previous phases?

I’m sure players will welcome this with open arms.


36 views i guess the game is deadge ^^


Word of advice from Berny: Stop wasting time on cataclysm.

Also, boomies be needin Starfall.

Also Hardcore hype.

Also #Elhuffo2024.


For the Balancing Update here some advices for Feral as he sucks in pve and very hard in pvp (cat).

  • Make shred useable from all sides, not only from behind. Thats annoying and really only make you feel bad using it.
  • Put Mangle back at 300% DMG (from 270%) in Cat. Doesnt affect pve much, but helps in pvp.
  • ferocious Bite shall also get the 30% dmg buff from mangle. (its even with the buff unusable but a fun ability)
  • Reduce frenzied reg to like 7.5% and unable to krit (maybe only for bear Flag carry/moonkin), but buff weaker specs, like dmg/aggro in bear and cat.
  • Moonkin PVE Buff, i.e. +10% dmg and - 15% dmg in pvp (result in 93% total dmg in pvp), but buffed in pve.
  • Any way to activite savage roar before fight would also be nice :slight_smile:
  • Enable Dwarf Shaman and Undead/Taure paladin, for easier balancing and fun for players, without much effort.

Thank you.

well just what I was expecting, thnx for trying, I’m out.


Damn another month or two + of p3

Please hire more peeps

Cata will need weeks worth of bug fix’s also

Bad times for guilds me thinks

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thanks for your hard work Blizzard <3 (also please bring back my metamorphosis to retail before I die)

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Most people are sleeping at this time lol

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Mhmmkay, this is going to seem overwhelmingly negative, because this was the kind of news i feared once you finally decided to pipe up.

one more than the other, quite obviously.
it doesn’t make it better that one has directly impacted the other’s development and we all know cata is going to flop like a dying fish, so this feels extra bad…

guys, we’re not going to play cata or pandaland, please make your peace with that and find other teams for those versions of the game and dedicate more time to SOD.

could you point us towards all these lots of happenings?
because i’m not seeing them… in fact i’m seeing a whole lot of not happenings all over the place.
you can literally see the playerbase physically dwindling in game day by day.
i expect a dead orgrimmar when i log in later today.

literally radio silent… for like a month straight…

are you 'avin a laff mate?

you’ve gotta be joking… words cannot describe how ill this omen is.
what do you mean “at just the right time”?

a month ago, people were starting to check their watches and tapping their foot, expecting some news on upcoming content, and now you’re telling us to wait who knows how much longer… dude, we’re looking at a late summer/early fall release for phase 4 at this rate…

yeah god forbid you were to say you’re planning an august (or later) release so everyone would unsub because that’s what i’ve come to expect at this point.

its been 6 months of sub-60, please get this train moving.
at least allow us to rank up to 9 or something so we can at least do pvp once we’re done with our raid… make ST 3 day lockout while you are at it… anything at this point tbh.

btw there’s some basement dwellers working on their own classic+ and they’ve done more in the span of the past 6 months than you will for this entire experiment before it comes to an end… an impressive amount of work at that, as in: it easily blows your efforts out of the water, no contest.

still waiting for the part where you tell us whats next.

and there it is.
the one thing nobody on here wanted to read in blue text.
you’re making SOD players suffer so your flopped cata “classic” can “breathe”… bro cata was dead on arrival and anyone who convinced themselves otherwise are delusional.
you’re wasting your own and everyone else’s time, and this is maddening to say the least.

awww my heart weeps for casual joe who only has 20 minutes a week to play all 3 games… bro can you maybe take into consideration those who have no interest in other versions of wow and just want to play SOD?

could you possibly be any more ambiguous? you’re not giving us anything to work with here.

but you said you were going to share information with us… like literally 2 paragraphs above what you’re saying here… is this literally just an announcement that you plan to make an announcement?.. :skull:

i take it you plan to change the title “Season of DISCOVERY” to something else then, right?
what’s there to discover if you allow us all to datamine a PTR with everything available through templates?

bro the content will be figured out and have guides before the patch even releases and everyone will absolutely effortlessly dumpster all the content on week one because they’ll know exactly what to expect…

again with the ambiguity… could you perhaps be just an itsy bit specific about literally anything?
what is this, a god damn movie trailer?
give us something - ANYTHING - please.

bro are you telling me that all we have to look forward to after months of phase 3 is pure vanilla content?
hello? where is my scarlet crusade raid bro… where is my karazhan crypts?

how can you be so out of touch? its insane man… release ZG along with MC and Ony and release BWL alongside an entirely new raid, we don’t need a ZG ‘phase’ to eat up even more time man, its a bloody catchup raid and i’m literally starting to doubt whether i’ll see the end of this experiment and thus a real classic+ within my lifetime.


too little too late, and as a non-caster i don’t care about any of this.
i figured the underwhelming gear in ST was a result of you guys kneecapping the powercreep from phase 1 and 2, but now you’re essentially saying you changed your mind on that, and you’re gonna turn the powercreep back into overdrive… BROOOOOOOOOO I AM ABOUT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT OF MY SCALP!!!

on the contrary, you seem to be extremely eager to keep it out of our hands, for as long as possible… don’t gaslight us please.

overall this is terrible news.
do better.


I don’t think it’s about SoD resources, more about the other releases competing for players.

It also generates a FOMO effect.
MoP is only available until August, which sounds a lot, but still adds up.
Cata is here and if you want the early leveling…
Hopefully TWW won’t interfere.

Some players only stick to one editions but some do like to experience all, right now I’m playing one day this, one day that.

For the record, I think they should have either kept SoD on a 3-4 month timeline from the get go (interweaving other stuff) or just do SoD while people finish WLK and maybe MoP.

what an absolute joke of a post. 3 weeks ago my guild just dwindled to 3 people online maybe 4. people are now leaving because the content is just so poor.

the caster loot is getting a revamp ? it should’nt need a revamp its was P*** poor to begin with. a raid drop with a 1 spell power upgrade over a lvl 40 previous phase item.

the scaling is just a joke.

PTR i seem to remember something along the lines of " no PTR’s its season of discovery so we want you to discover"

you have some very good in game implementations like in my case fel scars but as ive previously stated ive given up now. i honestly dont and cant see how running rounds for 3 weeks near for hours each evening is what youd call a discovery farming the same area for the absolute disgusting drop rate of a weapon. its now a waste of tiem doing them as the spawn rates v rewards just arent worth it.

other locks were right " its worth taking the exploitation suspension because at least ive the damn weapon now "

ZG should be a starter raid for phase 4 end of. tweak the gear add some bits release MC and BWL within a few weeks. and for god sakes 3 day lockouts. we’ll take the less drops thankyou. guilds are dead. servers are low.

i log on each evening to find that im by myself becasue there is nothing to do other than raid log. dungeon you say no thanks done them all. PvP you say. no thanks done my WSG rep never setting foot in that place. ever again. STV offers nothing for me. and that if you can get past the constant problem is being absolute destroyed by certain classes.

its as if your aiming to force us to play MoP remix and cata. neither of which im overly interested in.

ill just take this opportunity while servers are dead to farm stuff i need and the endless gold grind. not that having that uch gold come phase 4 will make any difference because theirs nothing to spend it on.


:clown_face: The bar isn’t higher than my ankles.


Nice sounds interessting, im hyped !

Most sane SoD player ^

Over rushed phase 2- 3 delivered us a bad experience, take your time guys and provide better product. Meanwhile i would gladly enjoy gearing my alt ,farm some gold and do some casual stuff irl

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As long as you nerf shaman and horde PvP racials its OK.
Good work team


Soooo what’s next is nothing new? Play other classix content? P4 not gonna happen soon.
I don’t understand how you can create something almost perfect and in a very short time screw it up so much that you don’t even want to fix it.
Continue on hard work, guys!

Just logging for wednesday ST. Playing retail/MoP remix.
SoD P3 is just bad. Pexing was a joke , and no content at lvl 50.
Yay , extend this phase!


“After 1 month of silent hard work, we have nothing to announce. As we know p3 is such is in such a lovely state, we will expand it to last 3 more months. Please stay tuned. I promise we will start working soon™”