Season of Discovery - Initial Adjustments

Over the first 24 hours of Season of Discovery, we made a few discoveries of our own that resulted in design changes. We expect that most players haven’t seen much of this yet, but want to note it for reference.

Season of Discovery

  • Healing caused by Arcane Explosion reduced by 80%.
    • We did not intend for Mage healing to trivialize content.
  • The Explosive Shot rune ability has been redesigned and its damage dramatically decreased. Each time it deals damage, it now damages all enemies within 8 yards of the primary target.
  • Chimera Shot damage reduced to 85% weapon damage.
    • When it comes to output, Hunters are proving to be an outlier. With these changes, Explosive Shot should fill the AOE niche and Hunters should still be very strong, but also more in-line with the output of other classes at level 25.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Ashenvale PvP event to allow it to start a bit easier.
    • Please be reminded that there will not be much intrigue here until Ashenvale is teeming with level 25 players.
  • Numerous fixes have been made to Rune acquisitions to make them less prone to bottlenecking.
  • Fixed a bug with Twilight Lord Kelris in Blackfathom Deeps that was causing him to target pets with his abilities too often, including his Sleep ability, which should no longer target pets at all.
  • Fixed a bug with Aku’mai’s Void Elemental adds that caused their Shadowbolt Volley ability to deal incorrect damage.

Going forward, if we need to make changes that will impact gameplay, we’ll note them in our usual Hotfixes Update.

We encourage you to let us know about any bugs you encounter using the in-game Bug Reporter.

Thank you!


Question is when are you guys gonna make it so hunters can use Traps in combat? Thought the whole idea behind melee hunter were to be able to use traps more. MISSED oppertunity for sure.


Great job on the hunter fix. they where way to OP compaired to the other classes.


Can you fix flanking strike so that it deals the intended 100% of the damage instead of 50%, right now its bugged.

On top of that even with bugfixing it would still be a really bad spell since its almost impossible to stack it with the 6s raptor strike cd and the buff lasting 10s with only 20% of the chance to stack.

… AND even if it did stack, that would only be 30% more damage to one attack, it is ridiculously weak.

Bugged and weak.


Add SoC->SoM seal twisting pls.

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Not to sound rude, but i hope you do realize that completely redesigning spells a day after launch is not healthy game design.

Some people only rolled hunter because of the previously announced Explosive shot, the single target DoT version. One day in you decide to change it to some niche 8 yard AoE ? Why not just reduce it’s damage to the intended DPS value like you do with every other spell in every other patch?

Whoever made this change most likely didn’t spend more than 3 seconds thinking about the solution to hunter DPS. My friend legitimately quit the game after this change because the single target rotation that he picked hunter for is not enjoyable anymore.


Whats wrong with you lol

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Actually same for me, just came back since wotlk was not the game i loved, so i started again for sod and was so hyped about hunter, but the nerfs are absolutely bonkers.
The problematic thing is, you had 2 Singletarget spells and i see the point making one aoe so hunters can cleave too BUT
nerfing chimera shot so hard it deals almost the same damage as an normal auto shot AND killing the Explosive shot with that “rebrand” of a skill ?? idk not even 24h passed and they uttered the shi* out of those 2 spells, why not slowly nerf a class till its where blizzard think it should be.

I just think the guy who passed the nerfs trough and gave his okay probably didnt play hunter at all.
Im just upset af and quittet aswell the game since i cant be bothered to level again in the next days with 2k ppl in every zone there is.


Lost interest already. Thought this discovery stuff was meant to be fun and exploration. But it comes all down to tuning and eSports again… Lame


I see a big problem for melee hunter. On wowhead it said that Raptor Strike would be on a 3 sec CD. Now in game it’s 6 sec. Flanking strike on a 30 sec cd. First of all Flanking strike hits like wet noodles and it is imposible to get 3 stacks and almost impossible to get 2 stacks for flanking strike.


awful change, pls just nerf it by 40-50% and not make it AOE, also pls buff flanking strike if you want anyone to not consider melee hunter a complete joke


To make Melee hunter even somewhat viable they need to make Raptor Strike 3 sec cd so we have a chance to get more than 1 stack or/and make even mongoose have a chance to reset the timer. And buff flanking strike damage. Because now it’s a complete joke tbh. So tierd of blizzard only fixing some classes when they are OP. But don’t fix the underpowerd part. I been longing for melee hunter from back in wow release. The disapointment…


Or maybe he thought they will not nerf something clearly op.

You don’t sound rude but clueless.

  1. This is common practice in MMORPGs
  2. This is a season
  3. As already explained by Blizzard, Explosive Shot fills the AOE niche and Hunters should still be very strong, but also more in-line with the output of other classes at level 25.
  4. The most important point, you don’t like the changes because your class is affected by a fix.

You clearly don’t care about the game.


All you see in chat is “LFM WC super fast runs, be geared” etc, mate it’s WC, calm down like,…

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Why tune a fun season at all? I got the purpose of this whole exploration topic completely wrong if they tune it like retail


Dont mind changing a broken spell, but how on earth did it go live? :smiley:
Really didnt need players to test if it was broken or not.

You are absolutly right. Me as a melee-hunter wannabe would love that they fix flanking strike, stacks and Raptor strike. Because thats heavy under tuned.

when u have to nerf something 85% :dracthyr_lulmao:

now hunters are kinda boring , the others runes are passives , it feels like there is nothing to discover


Thanks quick and good fix

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