Season of Discovery Warrior Warbringer rune Grindfest

So I’m level 25 with my Warrior on SoD. I was thinking, ‘Well, I could use the Warbringer rune for PVP.’ So I looked up how to get this rune, and when I found out that the thing that can make warriors at this level worth anything in PVP, my whole motivation towards the SoD just disappeared. I don’t know what the idea behind this was, but this is outrageous.

To get this rune, you need:

  • 16 Shredder Turbochargers
  • 20 Dark Iron Ordinances
  • 24 Fish Oil
    (Then an extra 5 gold to purchase it)

So now I need to drop my current profession (100 BS) and pick up Engineering, then level it up to 135. Once that’s done, I just have to get the recipe from DM (I’ve done 10 DM runs and never seen the recipe drop). Then, I have to craft the Shredder Autosalvage Unit (costs: 6 bronze bars, 4 wool cloths, 1 medium leather, 1 heavy leather), and after every use, the item breaks. The drop rate for the Shredder Turbocharger is around 50%, so I need to craft at least 32 Shredder Autosalvage Units (costs: 192 Bronze Bars, 128 Wool Cloths, 32 medium leathers, 32 heavy leathers).

If I don’t want to level up a new profession and then grind for the recipe and materials for the Shredder Autosalvage Unit, I can just buy it from the AH for just 3 gold/piece, so I have to farm out just 96 gold at level 25.

And all of that above for only the 16 Shredder Turbochargers?
(fyi: A dude killed 40 Dark Iron Dwarf and only got 1 Dark Iron Ordinance.)

There’s no discovery here, just endless grinding for each rune that makes my character relevant in PvP or PvE? You know what was a discovery for me? Finding the Wandering Swordsman and beating him or the same with the murloc killing hammer.
A Season of Discovery? What a joke… Is it about uncovering a handful of runes and grinding the rest, just so people pay for the subscription? I’m not saying every rune should be dropped by a mob, but spending tens of hours grinding just to make Blizzard’s heavily touted exploration-based new vanilla experience relevant is a bit much.


If anything, most of the runes were way too easy to obtain.

Can’t you just get the Shredder Turbochargers from another player who has Engineering? You will still have to farm the mats, of course. Yeah, it’s kinda grindy…

I think blizzard screwed up with this rune, I wanted it for tanking, but I’d rather not play than farm this…


And you literally can’t pvp without a huge handicap without this rune. There are many classes that have instants with a higher range than 25y so they will always get you in combat before you can charge.


Blizzard ruin my hype for SoD some classes were already strong at early level and now they are OP in SOD and some classes were trash and are more trash I have 0 fun tanking as a warrior I can’t generate threat and rage against warlock and mage destroying the monster.
And they ruined it again with the runes some classes have bis runes for PvP/PVE and have to grind hours and days getting killed by dozen of alliance because yes blizzard decide to put 80% of good runes in alliance zones bringing another unbalanced thing and some classes have strong runes without have to grind just kill a monster and you get your bis runes


Shamans have the same quest for Dual Wield spec… Also, the BiS weapon for that spec is a unique item (Callous Axe) from a vendor with over 1-2 hrs reload time, where tens of people camp it throughout the day. These two things mean i will most likely not play Dual Wield Enh until the next phase…

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What exactly is hard at grinding for hours? Is that enjoyable in any way? I mean, maybe it is for you, but for the majority of people it’s clearly not.

  • 16 Shredder Turbochargers - bought for 70s/pc in bulk.
  • 20 Dark Iron Ordinances – took me ~30 minutes in Wetlands grinding 30lvl elite dwarves with a 10-15 man group.
  • 24 Fish Oil: – took me 20 minutes in Wetlands grinding murlocs.

So no, it’s not a “grindfest”, this is not retail where you have to do 1-2 “speak to, talk to” quests to get your reward.

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SoD season of fun and discovery. There’s no fun in farming for a rune, and more generally, the warrior has absolutely nothing new or fun in SoD currently.

The only rune that provides a semblance of different gameplay is warbringer. Blocked by stupid farming and it is out of the question to farm gold to be able to farm the quest.

It is incomprehensible to see that all the classes have seen their gameplay changed and that only the warrior (and the hunter incidentally) must be content to relive vanilla and all its problems.

The Warrior right now is just a punching bag for other classes to test out their cool new skills. And if nothing changes in the next phases… In Vanilla the warrior underperformed until lvl 60 full pre-BIS raid.