Season of Mastery Realms Closing Soon -- Transfers Available

10 chaaaars


I am racing faster than anything RN to get Soul of Iron


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So I can transfer to Classic Era PVE servers, WoTLK PvP and RP servers, yet , I cannot transfer to WoTLK PVE servers?! How is this fair?!

Please enable transfers to Wrath of the Lich King PVE servers!

Edit: Also, I don’t see any restrictions based on your post @Kaivax

So please, update me , or us, and say if this is a mistake and we should be able to also transfer to PVE WoTLK servers or … is intended and PVE are left out?

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sadge its been a good journey

That´s actually intended and it is like this since november.
Don´t think they will change it.

Hydraxian Waterlords is a bit of a special case due to the realm murder last year.

So the Servers are down right now, maintenance is starting in the early morning at 3am this region. All Chars got mail, can’t login anymore. Can you please reactivate and keep the times you announced?


I thought the SoM servers would be locked on Feb 22nd…what’s going on?


i cant enter season of mastery world to tranfer my characters off due to them having mail, yous have closed the servers 1 day early 21st and not 22nd ive just finished work thinking i have time and yous have shut them on the 21st

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I would suggest opening a ticket but as the post says:

exactly the 22nd

Your point being?

It closed almost when they said it would. It was a few hours out.

And if people weren’t aware of the way Blizzard likes to do things and did what I link says they would not be in the trouble they are now. I mean, Blizzard may remove the realms in a few weeks.

One more thing, are people saying thank you for the extra 3 MONTHS? no, they are just complaining that they left stuff until the last minute and got caught out.


IM saying thank you with my achive adn title

“Almost” being the key word. Why are you even arguing about this?

Yay my 60’s in SoM are finally useful… transferred em both to Firemaw. Long Live Classic Era!

i cant transfer coz of mail box, can you help me with this?

Who are you asking?
Open a ticket with customer support and see if they can delete mail.

who are you? noname? dont talk with me

Make a ticket, Blizzard don’t respond (or even read) the forums.