Selling BIG transmog stock

Heya, I’m selling about 400 items, all of my stock that I usually have on AH, transmog items most of them. I’m selling all because I’m moving from this server, so they’ll go waaay cheaper than they use to. I’m not selling specific ones, all the lot of them. Items specs:

  • All lvl ranges, I have items from 1 to 120.
  • Common, uncommon, rare and epics.
  • Unobtainable, world drop, crafted, farmed and 0.0000001% rare items (really rare ones). Got a few recipes too, unobtainable.
  • Cloth, leather, mail, plate and all kind of weapons, off-hands and so. A few shirts too.

If someone is interested contact me ingame X00#2928 or just on alliance ‘Xoo’. I can invite you to my guild bank so you can see all the items (can even give the guild itself).

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