Selling farming spot

DM is around the corner, and since i’m a mage and i wont need the place i found 3 days ago so i decided to make some profit of it.

you need herbalism and alchemy(or you’d know a alchemist) or no alchemy with less profit
you’d be 60 (warrior,rogue,druid,lock) or anything else with a invisibility potion

If i’d sell the material i’d get 160g , if i’d farm some other material (cheap, easy to get) make a pot i’d be 320g , basicially 100g per day + could be even more if you set a timer to check constantly, or you do it like me and lvl a alt and log every 30min or so , you’d also jump layers for even more profit .

i know seems strange what i’m selling, but basicially i had no competition, there are people from time to time and usually their herbalism is to low or some other reason.

i’ll show you how to avoid getting aggro
how to los aggro

Send a offer ingame per mail to Moomie-Gehennas Horde side
i’ll hit up the highest bidder sometimes next week after DM comes out (so i can see if farming wont get nerfed)