Selling Heavy Junkboxes for Insane in the Membrane! ('the Insane' title)

Hey guys!

I’m sitting on a fair few Heavy Junkboxes and I’m willing to sell & grind them. Heavy Junkboxes are required for getting exalted with the Ravenhold Rep, which is arguably the hardest rep to grind among those required for the achievement: Insane in the Membrane. Completing this feat of strength will net you ‘the Insane’ title.

I can also calculate the exact amount of Heavy Junkboxes you’ll need for you + give other tips/info.

If you want to buy them or want any info you can leave a message here and I will contact you; or you can message me directly at:
Discord: Draccer#0164
Main character in-game: Mayani-magtheridon (EU)

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