Selling Rare Mount Boost Services in the Game

Hi, i am offering the mounts below for both Horde & Alliance:
Now Offering All the following Rare Mounts Such As:

Time Lost Proto Drake ( 400k )
Long Forgotten Hippogryph ( 100k )
Frightened Kodo ( 250k )
Voidtalon of the Dark Star ( 650k )
Grey Riding Camel ( + Title & Achievement ) : 300k
Phosphorecent Stone Drake ( Aeonaxx ) : 300k
Draenor rares ( Poundfist,Nakk etc ) : 70k each
Smoldering Ember Wyrm from Legion : 250k
Pandaria Warbringers - 10k per kill
Tanaan Jungle Rares - 20k per kill
Rare Hunter pets : 100k each

For more mounts we can apply discounts, and for more information please contact us via battle net : FunkyMonk#1191256

Delivery time : it can be anywhere from 2 hours to 48 hours since the spawns are rng.

How does it work ? Well it’s simple, you dedicate 1 character per zone that we are farming and you put it in the right Warmode, we notify you when the mob is up and you tag/loot.

Payments can be accepted on any realm both Horde & Alliance and the prices may slightly vary based on the realm. The service is strictly for in game gold.

We offer gold refunds if you do not get the desired mount in a timely manner OR if you simply missed a lot of spawns due to work/school etc.

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