Semi casual guild recruiting rdps

All Nuke Skull is on RAVENCREST EU (Alliance) after moving from Anachronos/Alonsus/Kul’Tiras where we had been for over 10 years.

We are proud to be an LWIW approved guild :slight_smile:

We’re a semi-casual AotC raiding guild with a large social side. We are primarily a social guild that likes to raid. We have built a cohesive raid team, and look to do some mythic content. Recruiting ideally ranged dps, healer os welcome but will consider all dps specs.

AotC every tier we have raided and usually a mythic boss or 3.

Main raids - Wednesdays and sundays 9pm - 12pm server time. We expect these raiders to aim to attend every raid, but ofc we realise life sometimes happens. Discord is compulsory for all raiding.

Alt/fun raid - Friday 9pm -12p, server time, aimed at social members who want to see raiding, raider alts and people who can’t commit to main raid, and also those who want to try out for the main raid. We usually have a drink or 12 and have a good laugh while killing bosses.

Monday night mythic plus session - aimed at getting your weekly key done, for those who don’t really do any on other nights. Not a boosting session :slight_smile:

Most other nights and day times - mythic pluses, dungeons, older raids, levelling, sometimes pvp, chatting on discord. We have a large group of social members and more are always welcome :slight_smile:

We have guild contests such as guess the release date of various things, first to max level etc. We also do Secret Santa and a festive drunk raid. We sometimes do raidathons, ie the older raids, or we do achievement raids, or timewalking raids. Our aim is to work and play together to enjoy the game and get some bosses down. If you want a friendly, helpful, sociable guild, whether to raid or not, then we are for you! Everyone who isn’t an azz is extremely welcome, any age, experience and intensity.

Speak to the GM, officer or a helper for info.

GM - Foxie
Officer - Elementa.
Helpers - Mechweaver, Ociader
Raid assist - Galene, Elementa, Midormi

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Add my discord - Foxie9409

Still looking for ranged dps -
Ele shaman

Evoker deeps too.

8/8HC 2/8M

I cant seem to find you on Discord Foxie.

Hi, sorry for the delay - Foxie#9409

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