Semi-returning to try out the waters. Where is Horde RP nowadays?

Hi AD! I’m trying out the RP here again, and Stormwind has been plenty active everytime I’ve logged on, but Horde seems hella quiet on the other hand. I guess city RP in Orgrimmar has died out, and Hordies only do guild RP now? I would love to know!

bless xoxo

I keep hearing great stuff about this initiative. Could be worth checking out.


Dope. Will do! :slight_smile:

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Someone really needs to pin one of these threads!

Horde roleplay is mostly kept to Crossroads now days, you might find very few at the Valley of Honor hanging at the inn but it isn’t as active 24/7 (in general both crossroads)

Most RP in the realm begins around 20:00 servertime.

However I do suggest entering discord servers and entering Argentdawn archives website, to find possible public hosted events that you might be interested in.


The last thread was pinned in BFA I fear. I doubt there’s a blue checking around nowadays…

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