Separate Burning Legion server from Server Group

Just to start on the right foot here. I have no problem with any nationality.

My suggestion : To separate the Burning Legion from the server group and become it’s own independent sever alone.

Reason: 95% of the players from the Burning Legion server are speaking polish and they all refuse to understand the group of servers is in a universal language group.

Effect of the above: This results in many people getting ignored or mistreated when grouping with a group from the Burning Legion server, as well as the Trade and General channels becoming unreadable as spamming in polish doesnt allow people to follow any discussion.

Please Blizzard team, understand that this is not to the favor or against a group, but rather to avoid the heated discussions taking place often in General and Trade channels due to this situation.

I would agree on that one just so people stop complaining about polish in the public chats.

They do not “refuse to understand”, a lot of people just don’t speak english. And also, a lot of them intentionally trolling. Before Drak’Thul was moved nobody complained about people speaking either Polish or Czech in public chat. Things you don’t understand in chat probably don’t even concern you.
Before Burning Legion was overrun by polish people, it was mostly Swedish and nobody ever had anything against Swedish-only Trade Chat. Even though swedish people do speak english.
Back in Cataclysm, it was Polish-Turkish trade chat only. I remember no complaining. Just a bit of teasing between polish and turkish people.

The only thing that should be “moved out” from Trade/General etc are those spammers from boosting communities. There is almost nothing you can do against people talking in their language on trade/general which you consider as “spamming” (just hit that report spam button). They’re literally allowed to chat.

All things aside, as sad as it sounds, they don’t really care.
Blue post once said, even though they encourage communicating in english, there is no actual prohibition to speak your first language in public chats.
But of course, because I am Polish, I am a bit biased on this matter. I know people who can’t speak English and they’re only able to communicate in polish. But again, there are also trolls who should get muted or banned for spamming, hate speech against other nationalities, and even threats against each other. It takes literally a single troll in chat to start a sh*tstorm. I report that kind of people every time, but in reality, there’s literally nothing you can do (besides hitting that report button every time you see polish cussing).
I would recommend transferring servers.

No offense to all people playing trolls, trolls are awesome.

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This is a good idea and it would definitely save a lot of nerves for people who don’t speak Polish.

Burning Legion should become first official Polish server long time ago

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