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FYI we’ve launched a temporary service to hide your alts since the account feature is taking some time.

Just head over to ⁠hide-my-alts section in our Discord and make a new post. Make sure to follow the guidelines.

Once your request is processed your post will be deleted in 1-2 days so no need to worry.

The only reason I used your site over check PvP was the hiding of alts not being a thing. Youve killed your USP for me.

There is no problem a monthly subscription fee can’t fix, just sayin.

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Sera in a few month


That is always one option, no reason one shouldnt be paid for their work either :smiley:

You mean if I sub I can see all alts? Or you mean subbers can hide alts?

Cause I meant as you site was used less than checkpvp most people with hidden alts on checkpvp if I then checked them on your site they hadn’t hidden. Which was obviously nice to see the liar/booster types.

Basically I’m a checkpvp wired in my default user, but if they’ve hidden their alts I’ll be coming to seramate to check if they’ve hidden there, if you have the same hiding thing then , the more modern feel still doesn’t beat the years of ingrained wiring

One idea is to enable subscribers to see hidden alts, but im still not sure if its a right way to go.

So far, the majority of those asking to hide their alts is RP people trying to prevent random people from stalking them.

I haven’t seen a single booster using this feature atm.

Here is my experience with your tool:

I played some 3v3 with my long-time friend and a random third, being totally unaware of your website. The third guy ragequit after one game, then he starts whispering us about how boosted we are.

He starts throwing in random names of rank 1 glads that apparently “boosted” us. We have never heard of any of those names in our life. After a lot of confusion, we found out from him that he is getting this data from your website.

I took a look at the website - shows literally dozens of partners I have never played with - it even shows I played as prot, which I literally haven’t done this whole expansion.

So I have had a very negative experience with this website, despite never even having used it.

Now as a software engineer myself, I can tell for a fact that this is because the partner information is an educated guess, because this is not provided by the blizzard API. Basically you look at the number of games/wins/losses/times played and feed this into a statistical model.

Unfortunately this is still only a guess and it will get things wrong. In the case of this model, it seems quite a lot of things.

Now there is actually a reason Blizzard does not provide such data in its API. In the past (around Cataclysm) you could in fact see the activities of players in the wow armory (and API). This included information of what time of the day achievements were obtained, etc. Back then, this was met with backlash as this allowed for stalking - so it was actually removed rather promptly.

I feel like showing the times and partners of arena sessions is a significant breach of privacy (even if it is not accurate) and not only it is not opt-in, but you can’t opt out (!)

I appreciate you are trying to create something for the community, but in my view these issues are critical and need to be taken care of.

never had the need to hide anything so im not completely aware how this works but i believe if people hide their account through the some function added by blizzard to account settings then even this site cant propably gain information of them even if theyre subbed or not or that would propably violate several laws :dracthyr_shrug:

but like i said i dont know really, i know that some people hide themselves from check pvp but i can still inspect them from drustvar. which i use when people try hide but are still trying to use lfg

Appreciate your detailed feedback and sorry for your negative experience.

Indeed, the teammates feature simply saves all the characters that share the same W/L numbers with you during a single ladder update. There are some filters in place but it’s still a guess. Though, the data gets more accurate the higher your rating is.

We will add some additional filters, i.e. add the minimal rating requirement to try and cut as much crap as possible.

This is something I do not agree with. If you care about the privacy there is a button on your profile page for that. Otherwise, there is always gonna be a website that shows what others don’t.


  • [Fix] Fixed keyboard navigation & search field autofocus across all pages.

It is sad, but many developers tend to create features that sound cool but in reality are as meaningful as a horoscope. In programming, this is called ”magic”, which basically means it’s not real. But as you can see, people who do not understand how these things work, will use it as something real.

If you want to help this community, Sera, you should remove this feature so that it does not cause confusion where non is needed. But of course, if you are a deceiving, money grabbing snake, then go ahead.

You realize seramate has literally 0$ revenue atm, right?

Personally I find the teammates feature quite useful sometimes. Though adding a disclaimer and tweaking some filters to reduce false positives might be a good idea.

I mean seriously, any other mmo out there exposes much more data through the official API but here it’s suddenly violates privacy? That’s just cringe.

You are pulling information out of thin air and presenting them as facts. If check-pvp claimed your highest lifetime arena rating is 500 lower than what it actually is, you probably would not be too happy either, would you?

Consenting to having player information published about oneself through the Blizzard official API does not extend to consenting to having that information reinterpreted in an ambiguous, erroneous way and then having that be presented as a fact.

This teammates feature needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I would propose to rename the field to “Possible teammates”, add a disclaimer that this is only an educated guess that is prone to ambiguity and a rough explanation of how the guess is made.


But teammates? That’s far fetched and misleading. Why don’t you just rename it to “Similar players”? That would be quite in line with what the feature actually does.

Or “Possible teammates”. Yep, that’s totally makes sense, thanks.


  • [New] Correct PvP Item level is now displayed, if available.


  • [Fix] Fixed annoyting notification spam when shuffle ladder is updated once every 3h.

Character Profile

  • [New] Recent(24h) bracket rating change is now displayed on the profile page along with a “Gainer”/“Loser” badge, if applicable.

Character Profile

  • [New] Character talents are now accessible directly from activity/leaderboard pages via Gear window.
  • [Fix] Minor UI fixes

1. Relevant Titles Tooltip

Visiting a character profile? Don’t forget to hover over the titles icons on the left. This will trigger a tooltip with up to 4 relevant titles achieved that season along with the date it was awarded.

2. Global Shuffle ranks

From now on, both Leaderboards & Activity use a region-wide ranking space. Say goodbye to useless & confusing spec-based ranks!

3. Set Pieces & Embelishments

The gear window has been improved and now includes Talents, Set Pieces, Embelishments tabs to help you plan your gear in the most fast & convenient way.