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It’s been over 4 months since our launch and we’ve been working hard on new features and fixes.

Here is a short list of our recent updates(04.02.2024):

Character Profile

  • [New] Correct PvP Item level is now displayed, if available.


  • [Fix] Fixed annoyting notification spam when shuffle ladder is updated once every 3h.

Character Profile

  • [New] Recent(24h) bracket rating change is now displayed on the profile page along with a “Gainer”/“Loser” badge, if applicable.

Character Profile

  • [New] Character talents are now accessible directly from activity/leaderboard pages via Gear window.
  • [Fix] Minor UI fixes

Feel free to drop any questions or feedback below. :slight_smile:

P.S. We also have a cozy Discord server where you can find news, announcement, changelogs etc. You can also submit any feedback there or post a request to hide your alts. Or simply to chat. :slight_smile:




  • [Fix] Fixed keyboard navigation & search field autofocus across all pages.
Previous changelog



  • [FIX] Personal best values & Alts table exp values should work correctly now.


  • [New] Added autofocus attribute to the search field. Now you can type right away, without even clicking.
  • [New] Added max arena rating of a character to search results ranking.


  • [Fix] Updated previous season cutoffs.
  • [Fix] Shuffle R1 eligible characters window has been fixed.


  • [New] Added Shuffle archives for DF Season 2.
  • [Fix] Cutoff values are now refreshed upon region change.


Some bugs/feedback:

When I type my name, and I see my character in the dropdown, I press Key down, my name in the dropdown highlights, I press Enter, and nothing happens. I spent a minute and almost gave up, until I realized I must click my name from the dropdown with the mouse.

The color palette is hard to read due to lack of contrast - black background, dark brown background for selected items, lighter brown background for non-selected, and lighter brown for text. Very hard to read and tough on the eye.

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Thank you for your feedback!

Yep, the search field autofocus is still isn’t perfect and we’re working on it. Pressing Enter should totally be taking you to the selected profile. Will fix asap.

what’s wrong with the established website check-pvp, drustvar and pvpleaderboard and so on? why a new website? :slight_smile:

cmon its well made site, appreciate the free work :slight_smile:

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Seramate has a lot of new & unique features and innovations combined with BiS UI that is pretty hard to beat.

No other similar websites come even close to it at the moment.

Though, there are some features that are still TODO, but we’ll get there.

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You need to have a popup asking for consent regarding cookies and advertisment. I’m not sure if it’s even legal to handle it this way.

There are no ads at the moment and the cookie popup is aids by itself.

Nobody is going to sue you for not having one unless you’re facebook size.

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In the bottom there is information about cookies and you gotta ask for consent first. I don’t think consent by entering is enough. It’s a decent website though, so I recommend doing it properly. Here some info:

wait what popups? i use ublock with firefox i get nothing, get some adblocker my man!

it says it blocked 3 something from the site and even 1 from this site

You’d be surprised just how many sites completely disregard that consent popup and stuff your browser full of ad tracking garbage no matter your choice.

I know GDPR kinda requires it but that consent window/popup is an absolute hell for UX and could be easily ignored by majority of small sites outside EU.

So that’s what we’re doing.

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I also got very strict ad block, but I just wanted to raise awareness that not asking for cookie permission is against gdpr and that’s all.

even this blizzards site is trying to give me something that gets stopped by normal adblock, i dont need to worry about it :smiley:

i think seramate is good looking site in any case and serves its purpose, i appreciate this free work people do for these sites and addons for wow and so on, they are heroes, not the hero we deserved but the heros we need :pray:

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very nice site. as an info, I think your teammates beta shows opponents, not teammates

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It shows up to 5 characters with similar CR and with the same W/L stat during a particular ladder update period.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it shows garbage. This is the best I can do at the moment.

One way to make the data more accurate would be to ask users to upload their reflex data. This is planned but for 2024-2025.

Depends on the type of cookies they are using although it does appear to contain GA4 cookies.

Cant imagine it would be that difficult considering the amount of available cookie consent modules that exist for most languages/frameworks I’ve had to use at least. Your cookie consent line is basically bollocks though afaik :sweat_smile:

I like the site though. I haven’t used nuxt before.

nice work sera

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It’s only takes a minute to add it. The real issue is UX part which gets totally rekt, especially on mobile and I’m not sacrificing that for a piece of useless garbage which has no real effect. :blush:

And thanks. :slight_smile:

Looks awesome, keep up the good work

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