<Serial Chillers> LF New Members for Raid progression [H]

Hi everyone! Serial Chillers guild is currently recruiting!

Serial Chillers is a newly started guild that is going in the right direction and it’s in need of you!

  • Are you tired of ego-driven guild leaders?
  • Are you tired of inexperienced pugs?
  • Are you tired of just being a rio, not being viewed as a person?
  • Are you tired of being in a unfriendly and unhealthy guild?

Now we’re focusing on getting more people to strengthen our rading team, now and in shadowlands.

We also recruit people that loves PVP so we can progress there also, socials are always welcome.

If your answer is YES to either of those questions, then read on!

You can add one of the officers on Battle.net app =Ashmine#2473


You can find us on guild finder page.

Stay safe!

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Hey Hey Ragnaros!


Serial Chillers is reserving a special space just for you! Whether you are a casual, a high rated PvP’er, a Mythic+ player or raider - WE DO IT ALL!

We are a large but close knit, friendly community from all walks of life. There are Officers at hand to welcome you and your friends and introduce you to like-minded players.

Adventure Shadowlands with us! You won’t regret it. Join our Arena teams, RBG teams, Raid teams and Mythic+ teams and progress through end game content. Or simply sit back, relax, grab a beer and have a laugh with us in Discord!

We can’t wait to hear from you :slight_smile:


Very enjoyable guild :slight_smile:

Just requested to join. Tried to message several people in the guild that were online, but no response sadly.

Dropped you an app on the guild finder - but happy to discuss on bnet PlainlyAdam#2766

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Dear Vapours, my sincere apologies but probably were only trials online at that moment, and only members have the option to invite other people!

If you are still there alone give me a shout at bnet Manson#21510 so we can arange your invite properly.

Thank you!

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Me and a close friend are looking for a guild. He mains a Warlock and I’m a DK. I will try adding on you bnet if ok.

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Hello =)

Resto druid with a DH (Havoc) friend looking for a new guild ?
What hours will you raid ? and what days ?

We can normaly raid every day but not Friday/Saturday.
Gladly from 21.00 server time and going.

Pleas replay =)

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Hi Garkoz,

Thanks for your message!

We will be raiding 20:00-23:00 Thursdays and Sundays in SL.

We would love to welcome you and your friend on board. You can add our GM’s battlenet in the OP or request an invitation in game :slight_smile:

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Not in this guild, but some serious good and friendly people in here for sure!!
Wish you guys all the best <3

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Amazing guild if you’re coming back to the game for shadowlands. They’ll defo help you grow. Apply!

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I am in this guild and I love it, if not for the great people in this Guild I probably would’ve unsubbed. I have made irl friends here.

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Defo, Chilling all the way

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i don’t know what i’m going to main yet but this sounds nice. I’d like to join. :smiley:

hi guys, do you have space for a warrior ?

Hi Guys!

Just to let you all know, we are still recruiting for M+, Raiding and PvP for Shadowlands.

Currently raiding Thursday and Sunday evening, with M+ running most nights throughout the week at all difficulties.

Come and join the friendliest and most social guild on Rag!

Hey, are you guys still recruiting? Dropped Thunder a bnet add to have a chat, I’m on Jaisten#2809. Definitely interested in relocating for a fresh start :slight_smile:

Hello fellow mortals!

If you’re looking for a semi-serious raid team that values performance but disapproves any and all toxic behaviour, we’re the community you’ve been looking for.

Our aim is getting Ahead of the Curve on all raid tiers and progress as far as we can towards Mythic but not necessarily pressing ourselves to get CE. Our progress is currently full normal and 7/10 HC, and that was before Christmas + NYE break.

Currently we have two raid teams that are both actively searching for good and dedicated dps and healer players. Mages and Warriors are currently our top priority, but of course any and all are welcome.
Our raid times are currently Thursdays and Sundays 8:00PM server time

Please consider joining our ranks! The officers you should be contacting for joining or any other info are me, Ashmine#2473 or Dinozzo#1581

Are you guys still in need of heals ?

Yes, we are!
Please add me as a friend on bnet and we’ll discuss further.

I have received one other friend request that i accidentaly declined. if you see this, oopsie, i’m sorry. please send it again