Server 100% dead?

Really? I just came back after 1 year military service, resubbed & join a dead server with 10 people online on the entire horde - side of Flamelash?

And now I should pay 25 euro extra for a transfer to a more populated server? Seriously Blizzard?!?

Why the F aren’t these dead- servers combined or atleast givin the option for a free guild server -.-


Ironically there was over 1000 alliance online earlier, if there was a horde revival effort too this could be a decent server

We’re a medium server again though thank you very much :). The entire server raid logs and no we do not want to be merged. Our server is unique and has a rich history and culture we do not want to lose. We worked our butts off to open the AQ gates before the auto completion system even started. It took us months of farming.

If you wish to raid or do dungeons you’re going to have to join one of the Horde guilds that do still exist. Inside the guilds, people are very active and helpful to each other. To find a guild that suits your needs you should check the guild-recruitment tab on the server discord channel.

If you do not wish to join any of the guilds your only option will be to pay for a transfer I’m afraid.


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