Server Balance Dramatic Situation


I would like the attention of blizzard towards the dramatic situation we as alliance are living day by day. The balance is ridiculous, while the horde is over 99% of servers population, yet, you opened free transfers for them, meanwhile, alliance is totally forgot about, and have to face constant difficulties in EVERY SINGLE aspect of the game due to how abysmally low the population is, and, of consequence, it is diminishing further. I talk about auctions, questing, dungeons, pvp ? more like AbuseVersusPlayer, region buffs, dailies, etc.

Could a blue poster let us know anything about any solution to this dire situation we, the small alliance players are living each day, and suffer instead of enjoy the game we love and PAY FOR.

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Fix the god damn faction imbalance, this isn’t acceptable at all


True, I do want to play more and more but when i see how many on Alliance are online is so disappointing. Please let us transfer or merge us with another server. Blizzard, please!!


Seeing so few players online is awful. This server is almost like a single player game. You can’t do dungeons or even party quests. We need to know what blizzard’s plans are.


It’s shocking there are barely 40 Alliance online in total. There are around a thousand horde and you gave free transfer to even more horde but not the Alliance. We can hardly get dungeon group, questing we can expect to be killed at least twice mid quest and as for raiding it will be a non-starter or extremely rare, especially getting the right raid composition


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this situacion is crazy blizzard shoud do something about this


When will Blizzard give us the courtesy of a response on this matter?

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still no blue answer, waiting, hoping, begging ?

It’s hard to co-create any community.
Game balance Horde - Alliance does not exist.
You can’t buy or sell anything, doing a profession is a hard labor.
I guess it’s not better on the side of the horde, they can’t do quests (Quest:Hellfire Fortifications) similar in other location.
It makes the game very difficult and takes the fun of the game.

Blizzard, please help.

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Alliance side is so dead you can’t even use AH, I’m sitting on piles of mats. If you want to level enchanting which requires blacksmithing rods, good luck with that. You can only quest and that’s it, you won’t find dungeon parties either.

If any server qualifies for an intervention, it’s this one.

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Still no blue reply, well, we are still waiting

Something needs to change.

It’s not about an imbalance of sides for me. The pvp was pretty one sided from the moment pvp went live on this server. What matters is the lack of other players to do anything with be it, trade, craft, quest, dungeons, raids or just chatting with other players and experiencing the MMO part of the game!

Personally I think the best thing to do would be to close the server and mass migrate everyone to another server.

Second best would be to offer us free migration to another server.

Third best would be to allow other alliance side players to migrate to us for free.

The worst thing to do would be to allow any sort of cross-realm stuff though!

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We are still waiting. Any Horde can support us ?

they got entire server for themselves, all the world bosses, zones buffs, due to a alive market they can trade and make money to get fast fly mounts, now i see skies swarming with horde mining, gathering herbs, so all the economy is their hands also.

Why they should support ? literally no reason, they actually happy

Because it’s pointless to chose a PVP Server if you can’t actually do some world PVP x)

Over a month passed, no blue poster with a least a “go to hell we not gonna help you, go give us money for migration” message, GM said to talk about our problem on forums, but nobody give a damn about it.

Well, looks like there is only 1 way to fix this… is to hit them where it hurts the most

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