Server chosen for WoW classic - RP PVP


Hi guys,

So i do believe the best choice is to hop on the recently announced wow classic RP-PVP server.

The main reason for this is due to the fact that I bet many people get back into wow afterwords, some may not even be in the loop that classic is a thing as blizz is not marketing it much. I am talking of people from way back when who don’t use this forum.

They would rightly believe most people from the RP-PVP community would be playing on the RP-PVP server.

Anyway that’s that, I will also be making an Alliance community guild for classic launch for everyone who wants to get together with old friends and stuff, I’ll make a post about that some other time.



Brilliant news. With only one realm being open it’s going to create some massive scale battles and plenty of opportunities for a bit of skulduggery.

Looking forward to the vibrant community that’s going to flourish.


ABoG will be rolling on this RPPvP server. Heil and Kill.

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very good, look forward to the fights and drama.


So Blizzard finally caved in, cool.


Am debating wether to join any pvp server tbh, have a feeling pvp will be complete dog. Also doubt Ill be playing that much due to retail commitments, so with the time I do have… cba getting camped, kited and or gy walks.

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hah what???
Did you not used to gank?


Of course, I ganked and I got ganked

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Pyrewood Village baby!

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ya so what is wrong with it now??


Reav, where did you read about Forsen maybe rolling on ZT?


Nothing, dont worry :slight_smile: Everyone loves the idea of pvp in classic and I’m sure it’ll last a long time.

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On classic Reddit


I’ll see you bois on the PvE server :slight_smile:


RP-PvP it is then!


Come to the RPPVP join the discord too Nat!
maybe you can see some old people you knew.


I might do that!

Also, just got this same name on the hunter in ZT :smiley: Now if only these 2 weeks would fly by faster… :sweat_smile:

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Yeah most people on discord were saying the naming was a succsess mostly, some well known guilds got left out and dont know what they are doing though.


Be rolling on ZT with some members of Durance of Hate, even have people returning simply for classic it seems, cant wait :smile:

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