Server imbalance 80/20

Any thoughts on why the server has become so unbalanced in favour of the alliance? Not that I’m suggesting people shouldn’t play whatever they like, I’m just curious and a bit surprised by it.

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When it comes to rp, I think people just preffer the Alliance over the horde. Not sure though, just been the case from previous experience.


Naturally RP servers have traditionally been Alliance heavy.

It was expected, but I never expected just how quiet Horde side would be. Even on my server in Vanilla (Emerald Dream) seemed more lively, and that was well known for having a very small Horde side.


Probably because there’s only elves on the alliance side and elves are awesome. :grin:
Didn’t RP server population in retail become a lot more evenly balanced when the horde got elves too around the time of the Burning Crusade?
(I have no actual statistics to back that up…)

There is a small community of RPers on the Horde who RP together regularly! Most events happen on Fridays, while casual RP happens spontaneously, mostly in Kalimdor!

It is true that the Horde could use a population boost though, but the RP community is slowly building up. :grin:


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