Server is dying

Something must happend fast. This server is dying. Blizzard need to merge servers! Seriously not enjoying things as they currently are now. People are transfering left and right, making things worse. It’s crossed my mind to quit playing allot of times lately…

And still no response from anyone at Blizzard about the server imbalance and lack of active Alliance characters to make the content viable. It’s a disgrace and no wonder the company is going to the wall.

Just looking at how bad the horde side is atm, i can’t imagine how bad it is for the alliance. Are you even enough to do raids?

We can just about get 9 or 10 to do Karazhan, but that’s with almost everyone being available and is far from an optimum set-up. 5 man dungeons are hard enough and we sometimes have to do them without a fully specc’d tank.

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