Server queue fix inc

Maybe they give a 5€ realm transfer discount.

I saw it too but I don’t know when. Could be this Wednesday, could be June.

Yeah who knows. But the situation on the full servers must be adressed asap. Opening FCT to lower pop realm may not work as people will probably just cling on the the high pop hoping some1 else migrates. We’ve also seen many low pop realms die out in the last couple of months.

The fix will be rolled out in the coming days it seems after internal testing.

I don’t know what the heck Blizz had in their heads opening transfers to an already crowded server. Since isolation started our server already hit the queue mark, and has had very healthy and nice population.
Now there’s peak time ques regularly and I’m seeing people and guild I’ve never seen before in already too crowded farming areas.

For off-peak farming I would prefer not to have my whole pvp crew around me at all times…

How do you know that more people have transfer to these full realms compared to away from them?

We can confirm that our dev team is looking in a solution to reduce Queues to the WoW Classic realms.

You can find to official tweet here


Jeeeeeeeeeesus. Finally an answer from Blizz. :slight_smile:

Why ur blizz if u have 1!!! Post and i have many more and is not blizz


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So much for blizzard doesn’t look at these forums

Wonderful news!

Rather than raising the player cap, why don’t you STOP people from making characters and transfers on those servers - and, offer Free Character Migration to lower pop realms who need players.

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The obvious next question is when and how quickly are they bringing it to live?

After all it only took you 5 months to look into it in the first place.

It’s the players own fault. Blizz shouldn’t have to do a single thing about it. Only reason this is even happening is cause you guys refuse to see the truth and thus blame blizzard… Pathetic…

U had your free transfer… Maybe you should have taken it like so many others. My self included.
Don’t like it? Pay and leave or start over.

A solution they need to test internally. So not free realm transfer.

That’s worrying…

What can it be other than having less players on the full realms that isn’t terrible?

And people used the free transfer. Then the paid transfer came and people used that to move TO Firemaw (Or any other high pop). Then a new problem appears… What’s your point?

Nah, that’s the result of not enough people using the free transfer and not taking the warning about long queues serious. Blizzard said that if you stay there will be long queues. They said this several times.

With that said. They should just enable free realm transfers away from full realms with a queue to low/medium pop realms as a default.

I wonder other kind of system they are working on. It’s really worrying.

No, imo the real problem is that full servers are not locked for transfers

Plot twist : Solution involve adding back sharding.

How do you know that? How do you know that more people have transferred to the full realms compared to transferring away from them?

One thing is 100% sure. If more people had used the free transfers, we would not have had this problem. Your claims may or may not be true but the first premise is always true no matter if your claim is true or not.