Server still alive?

All my characters are located on Frostmane since my old guild was on this server, however since it was disbanded and I created my own guild I’ve noticed I rarely come across players from FM these days so I’m wondering if people are still active on here/is it worth an alliance main moving to a new server? I would like to get my guild a bit more established with new members so want to know if players will be on Frostmane as much

Hang on in there until the servers are merged, you might have more luck then :slight_smile:

Frostmane used to be a Full / High populated server in the past. Recently, it was just “low”. Now we are semi-Portuguese after a merge with Aggra. So, if you are willing to learn a new language, you can stay, if not, you can pay 25 euro per character for an Activision Blizzard screw up. Enjoy!

well that’s quite harsh, for sure there’s some of us speaking our native language, but there is another part of the community that are respectful and even spam the trade chat in English, but yeah, you will probably have a hard time finding a raiding guild that speak in EN blizzard should had that in consideration, even i 2 months ago transferred my warrior from frostmane to aggra and now was pointless just wasted money.

my character is gone

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