Server too unpopulated?

Hi everyone,
i want to casually play WoW classic, because Times have changed :wink:
Yesterday i started in ZT a new Character but was a little disappointed in the beginning because there was literally noone else around. And even in the Zone Chat was not a single message.
Now my questions:
How is the Server Population right now?
How is the Server Distribution between Horde and Alliance, is it nearly 50/50 or completely broken like 80/20 or something?
Is it possible to play here unfrequently and find groups to do Inis Dungeons, or am i alone o
n the Trip to 60?
If thats the case, is there a rp pvp Server which is more populated?

I thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

Can’t speak for Horde or Alliance more than that I have seen ZF groups up on Alliance still while leveling an alt or so.

I believe people still level but you might need to have a longer search for people.

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I only started playing WOW a few days ago again (I quit at the start of Cata) and decided that Retail was not for me. I tried the normal RP server on Horde but it was a ghost town so switched to this server, still Horde side.

There are enough people during “normal” hours but finding groups is a problem, most people boost using their alts, friends or they just buy boosts so levelling the normal way can be problematic. But that’s not an indication of the server being unpopulated, it’s an indication of how things are in classic these days.

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I’ve started my orc warrior this week. In my opinion the server is not unpopulated. There always is a huge crowd in front of the bank/auction house in orgrimmar. I’ve made some contacts, people are pollite but, as Jahjah said, group search could take a little time. But just yesterday there were reequests for RFC and WC for instance. So, I’m quite satisfied by now. If anyone wants to, you can add me [Yanogar], I am lvl 14 by now and I’ve just started questing the Barrens at the crossroads. As you probably noticed, I’m not a native speaker, but it should work out. I’d look forward to quest with some of you. But little early warning: I hate hasting and I read quest texts which sometimes takes a little time :slight_smile:

p.s.: I can state that there is some random RP on this server.

best regards

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