Servers full - refund?


How will you refund the missing days from 30 days subscription, because your fault, all server is full? :wink:

Thanks for your kind answer, in 2019 (no, not 2005)
p.s.: there are nice cloud server farms. Not too cheap i know, but maybe you can be customer friendly, finally.

(Trovlak) #2

LMFAO! Blizzard own whole data centres, they don’t need to rent server farms from anyone.


Hmmm, strange then. :smiley:

(Saneko) #4

Realm Queues & Maximum capacity increased:

The below explains that “Full” reflects server queues over population when there’s an actual long queue going on.

They’ve also commented here that they’re not increasing the maximum population possible on any given realm as that would increase an unsustainable problem down the line: