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How do i choose servers now?I also hear that todays servers are different, all of them are shared or something, meaning i can do everything even if the population of the server is low(in few words).
So basically it works with matchmaking queue’s?
What if i want to find roaming people to join doing quests or simply talk or join a guild, isn’t better to choose a high pop one?
Currently im just casually playing in the new player realms with trial,played wow back in Cata and that’s it, but before i find my class to actually play and buy the sub and maybe after Dragonflight, i want to be sure to choose a good server, if it actually matters now.
Atm in the new player server, there are only people spamming for selling services,it seems barren even if there are a lot of people in Ogrimmar :c

Welcome back! Good first question!

The people spamming for selling services will be in the “Trade - Services” channel. You can leave that channel. It’s usually channel 5, so if you see it is 5 for you, you can just /leave 5

Servers matter less than they used to.

There are no more PvP servers - instead, you opt in to War Mode.

Zones are shared, depending on the number of people. Northern Barrens may be shared between a set of 5 servers.

Stackable items like mats are cross-realm as well as cross-faction in the AH now, so that a Horde from Draenor auctioning a Peacebloom may have it bought bu an Alliance on Doomhamer.

Horde and Alliance can party together in instances. Dungeon Finder puts parties together from both Horde and Alliance across EU realms (though restricted by language).

So they do matter less than in Ye Olde Dayes.

But they still matter.

Draenor is the pre-eminent server for Horde characters, and Silvermoon for Alliance.

Alternatives for Horde are Kazzak, Tarren Mill, and a few others.

The main alternative for Alliance is Ravencrest.

For general information, your Bookmarks are for any queries about quests or items or locations for anything about how to build and play your class for addons for anything about professions. Most old professions are not worth doing but there are some old mats to farm if you like.

but do please ask again if you have any more questions. :smiley:

Thanks a lot, i think i understood now !

Basically doesn’t “matter” anymore what faction or realm i choose right? There will be always (ad example) enought peole from both factions doing battlegrounds or something, alliance vs horde ( i remember was like that?) or they can also join togheter and do squad vs squad stuff? Asking this if i were to choose Alliance character in Draenor Horde realm.
Anyway, i think ill go Draenor and play there as Horde.
But guilds? Those have changed or are realm-faction based? Or mixed beetween factions as well?

Yes, for instances of any kind, you may group with or be grouped with anybody from EU region. There are no longer any realm restrictions for anybody, except for Mythic Raids during the early weeks of a new Tier.

In the world, not so much. Though mobs are now shared-tag, so even if someone from the opposite faction on a different server has hit a mob, you can still attack it to kill it and you will both get loot and XP.

Draenor Horde is an excellent choice - though you will find the boost spam there is off the charts, so be sure to do your /leave of the boosting channel so that you can see the rest of the chat!

Guilds are still realm-based … they’re talking about cross-faction guilds, but I dunno how that will work out.

The main thing you need to know is that the devs have been making a series of attacks on guilds now for years, and outside high level Mythic, they have bombed guilds into just a shadow of what they used to be. Mainly because you really don’t need a guild for anything any more. There are no big benefits, and everything short of Mythic can be pugged, so the social element has taken a mortal hit.

Alongside guilds, WoW now offers Communities, which are cross-realm. There are a few successful Communities, but my impression is only a few.

Got it, thanks !
I don’t plan to join a guild since im at work for more than half of the day and i play a little but if i will find a casual/social guild im more than happy to join it later down the road.
The only bane i have is choosing a class as well as wanting to play the new races with the class i want, i suppose i can change race by buying something but i can’t see the shop as trial noob lol, i like both the new two elfes to unlock.( nightborne/void elf)
Edit : ugh is a bit pricey the race change :C

It’s a pain that you have to unlock them. You have to do a bunch of questing in Legion on another character before you can make the character you want.

But I guess Blood Elf will do for now :slight_smile:

Choosing a class? Nobody will know what feels good to you, not even you, until you try it. Make some trial characters, though upto Level 20 you don’t really get a sense of what they feel like to play - that starts to kick in around level 40. Watch videos on YouTube about that class and spec. Depends a lot on what type of content you will be doing too: World, BG, Mythic-Plus Dungeons, Raids, or Arenas.

In Cata i played blood dk,mage,ret pala, bm hunter, priest, druid,shaman,warrior fury,rogue, thing is i like all of them, i played the most bm hunter tho and yes, at low level you/i don’t understand what a class can do.
Pretty much i want to do story quests and dungeons and when i feel like battlegrounds.

… and now you have Demon Hunter and Evoker yo consider as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I can make only demon Hunter for now but the looks of the race is a bit silly for my taste and it starts at level 50 like the dark Knight, for now i want to enjoy the levelling and reading all the stuff from quests.
Maybe tonight ill play affliction or dark priest since i love dots and the priest i heard changed a lot.

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