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Greetings everyone, as we are all very aware Ashbringer is not a playable realm. I just came back a day ago and when I logged in yesterday I was shocked at the state of the realm. The Auction Hause is a pretty good indicator of the activity on the realm, and this one is just dead. I was planning on playing classic wow through the winter, and boy am I glad i didnt buy the 6months sub offer. But im still very angry about this 1 month I paid for. I tried to send a ticket explaining how the people on Ashbringer need to have a free transfer option becouse its pointless to stay on the realm. But Its impossible to contatct Blizzard support on a human levelc its rediculus how much they ignore the players. God knows when and what they will respond with, but knowing them they will just say that the realm pop is rising and soon itll be normal. Thats not what I would call a service provided, I paid already why do I have to suffer for days and weeks? then refund me and ill come back when its a playable realm.
Honestly, im already tierd and if this doesnt get addressed in the next 2 weeks, ima quit again and start focusing on FF.

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I’m a returning player, i created a character on Ashbringer, population is slowly increasing, don’t expect it to be like a Firemaw or Gehennas and blizzard has opened transfers for Horde to come here.

if people are patient things can change, or we can always go back to monofaction servers or to queue wonderland.

but on the other hand next to no queues next week

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