Setting middle mouse button/wheel to move camera around character

Hey :slight_smile: Not too sure where this topic belongs (was thinking about technical support but think that one is more related to hardware and such) so gonna post it here

As a suggestion for the developers, maybe it would be possible to add the option to move the camera around your character with holding down the wheel/middle mouse button instead of holding down the right mouse button?

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What happens if you try to rebind it?

Mid-click always goes toooo… interrupt spell!!! :fireworks: :sparkler:

Nothing, RMB seems to be hard-locked to moving the camera around your character (without moving your character as well) and the RBM (right mouse button) in the key-options-menu works only to unbind keys but seems not be able to be set as a key/function in itself.

You’ve got ‘move and steer’ (default set to MMB/wheel) but that moves the character as well :confused:

This is nit-picking, but with so many options available it would help those out that have a bit of a jammed RMB or prefer the wheel to pan the camera around :slight_smile:

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