Seven Sins - (H) Raiding Guild 6/10 MC Ony Cleared

Seven Sins (H)

Were a group of friends looking to expand our roster. We have done 6/10 MC and Ony in out first week of raiding.

Were currently looking to lock up the roster and get the final people in.

Classes were full on

Enc Shaman

Classes were looking to get as a Priority

Holy Priest x 2
Resto druid x 1

all others are needed but at a slightly lower priority

Raid days are looking to be set to

Wednesday and Thursdays and optional Sundays in the future
8pm-11pm server time

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Hey Trev, it’s 8/10 now :stuck_out_tongue:

We are looking to find like minded players to join with us to start raiding . We are a core of raiders that played together in classic/tbc/wotlk. Pretty chilled and relaxed guild :smile:

Finalised raid times and days are currently up for discussion but it looks like it will Thursdays/Sundays 8pm-11pm Server time

We use the EPGP Loot system and only MT has any priorty though only on certain items. System is very fair and balanaced and managed entirely in game.

The orginal seven sins was formed to try and clear some content back in tbc and it grew from there and was raiding on the genjuros server untill the end of MOP

We are laid back guild and would rather have 50 quality members that are active than semi active 500 memebers. We want to build a small community that not only raids together but chills together.

Our current Progress is 8/10 MC with the final push for Domo and rag to happen next reset

What we need

Ele Shaman : High
Mage : Medium
Warlock : Full
Shadow Priest : High

Resto Druid : Medium
Holy Priest: Full
Resto Shaman : Medium

Fury War : Full
Rogue : Full
Enc Shaman : Full
Feral Druid : High

Prot War : Full
Feral Tank : Full

If a slot if full we would only be able to offer a back up slot but socials are more than welcome

If you think you up for it
Hit us up on here or in game and we can have a chat
Officers to contact in game are Trev/Steves/Dedinasec/Craghack/Redreaper

Looking forward to Rag and Major this week :slight_smile:

Great well run guild, definitely hit up an officer if your interested.

Quick update

We are now 9/10 mc and ony on farm

Resto druids / mages and hunters are high demand

Grats on 9/10 guys

Don’t forget its 10/10 now Trev :smiley:


Hi there!

I’m about to hit 60 and I’m looking for a guild on my shadowpriest. Do you still need one for your core raid?

I came across your post on the Dreadmist forums and I’m contemplating moving over.

Hi bud we have one active shadowpriest atm sorry