Several removed Tier 0 BoEs for sale on Neptulon

I had a whole load of Dungeon Set 1/Tier 0 BoEs in my bank from farming the Stratholme mount several years ago. They’re still there. I’ll likely never play consistently again, and they’re useless to me, so I may as well sell them if there’s any interest.

Really not sure if there’s still a market for this though - I can infer they’d be extremely valuable to someone who wants them, because they’re no longer in the game, but I can also imagine the number of people who want them is tiny, since for transmog and appearance collecting purposes, there are replica items available from vendors. Theirs is purely a sentimental/scarcity/hoarding appeal at this point.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to evaluate and sell these? Anyone on Neptulon want them?

The full list is:

Shadowcraft Bracers x2
Bindings of Elements
Devout Gloves
Gauntlets of Valor x3
Wildheart Gloves
Shadowcraft Gloves
Belt of Valor x2
Devout Belt
Dreadmist Belt

Oh and a couple of the original Tankard O’ Terrors, not exactly in keeping but they’re also a removed-from-retail BoE.

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