Severely bugged instances?

Atal’Dazar: we agroed the hunter + 2 dinos in the middle of the platform, we wiped due to over-agro and when we rezzed up, the entire pack teleported to the start of the instance and killed us again.

Freehold: in 2 separate groups we had cases where it started teleporting us towards other mobs in the vicinity. In one of the cases it teleported us back and forth between two spots.

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I died in king’s rest a few days ago on last boss. Happened out of the blue, insta dead, recap said I was hit with bosses leap for 19k dmg. The screen wasn’t flashing low hp and I’m fairly certain I was in good health before that event.

Go figure.

Group members instantly dying to nothing, yup, had that a few times as well…

That’s funny! I just enjoy that kinda stuff if it ever happens lol, never seen group teleport. With the atal one you sure someone didn’t survive, run back and bring them with them?

O and looksmaxxed I’ll tell ya for free what you did. You spellstealed one of those adds on Zul, kills you a minute or two later with nothing on the logs but there would have been a buff.

Wiped in tol dagor 6 Times cos bugs a couple weeks back. 2nd boss we managed to pull the last boss, was dead shotting us and giving us the circles to spread on.

2nd attempt we pulled mobs from other floor, phased through the gate and killed us.

Killed it 3rd attempt and went upstairs, same pack got agroed from downstairs and came back to wipe us again.

Went up to the cannons and pulled throuhh the wall, no biggy they weren’t hitting us. Wait nope, they ran upstairs pulling everything lol.

Got to after 3rd boss and pulled through wall again, resulting in an army running up and wiping us. Then at the last boss pulled another group from below mid fight.

Never had it that buggy before, get the odd pack now and then pulling through diff floors/behind walls. We found it funny though, wasn’t goig for timed any way.

It happened to me in TD that 2 mobs portal 2 levels below us and killed us through wall while they aggroed the rest of the mobs.
What times to be alive and pay for this trash

It’s quite possible that was how it went down. I didn’t know about the buff or the fact the ooze that spawns there is different than oozes at the start and at the first boss.

Its not, they’ll kill you too if you spellsteal them. Same as the Zul fight in Uldir.

Just had another case where I ran away from mobs and I got ported on them again. Not a teleported animation, no I was just suddenly on them again…

lol, my casualness is showing. :pensive:

Aren’t we all casuals? Some just less than others

The teleport thingy is a way to ensure mobs don’t get stuck forever without able to reach something.

It’s actually what pro players use in atal to make the pulls easier ,jump on a pillar(where mobs cant reach) and they insta teleport to the player.

The teleport to add behavior stems from an add that cannot leave an area and cannot reach you (akka raid bosses generaly) teleport you to them ,it’s not a spell or anything you just appear in front of them so you can get meleed.

These 2 behaviors are not bugs,bug might be that you didn’t drop aggro in atal so the pack couldn’t reach you so they insta port to you to kill you. But the bug is not the porting but the fact that aggro didnt drop(coudlve been a cheeky rogue that vanished back to spawn)

In none of the scenarios where we got ported, we were stuck or on locations mobs couldn’t reach. We were on the open grass area in freehold at the start and just across the bridge in the second scenario.

This sounds like a bug to me. If this is intended behavior, it’s really bad and easy to abuse.

They are most certainly bugs from my perspective, especially considering the first one had no path finding issues and we got ported to mobs outside of our range that weren’t agroed.

No rogue, was a group wipe.

Those pesky Teleportasauruses!

Seriously though, I did notice last week that several instances seemed glitchy, mobs aggroing through walls etc, not sure if the reset may have helped this week?

Only one way to find out!

It seems you don’t understand what i am saying the bug isn’t them teleporting to you. The bug is that it seemed like there was no pathing issues so they shouldn’t teleport. Those 2 are different type of issues.

This is something people use to corner packs and it’s something “abused” when you can easily make the things snap teleport to the tank. But in general you can’t abuse anhything else because more often you get ported and die.
The only abuse that was seen was on Opulance and other bosses in dazar’alor where people would send a rogue to aggro the boss ,the boss has raid wide mechanics thus snapping the entire raid to the boss room and skipping the trash. It was abused and never punished it happens pretty much every tier that a raid boss behaves like this.

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