Shadow abhorent

Spec legitimately feels so horrible to play, the damage output is laughable. IN M+ literally you do less dmg than Brew which is getting compensation dmg buffs before raid releases, just wow.
We had a very fun spec in Season 1 with many procs and an option for AoE with sear.

Then you took sear away in order to make this a cleave spec, which worked fine when cleave was good.

Now our cleave is absolutely horrible as a result of ST being bad already and we have no option for AoE whatsoever, while being target capped.

Not to mention the spec is literally extremely unfun to play, as i find myself pressing mind spike 9 times in a row because you took away all the fun out of the spec with the procs because apparently the spec was clunky so now i get to press the most lame button this class has ever seen endlessly.

Taking options away from people and taking fun away from spec will make all your players leave. You don’t just take away options and feel good elements and expect players to enjoy your game when they’ve played the spec at its peak. Amazing way to lose customers.


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