Shadow Hunter ish

Hello all.
We know blizzard will never give us Shadow Hunter class or spec or sub spec or even few troll themed abilities via glyphs . Even im not talking about troll heritage armor or troll themed new armors weapons masks bows and especially glaives .

Im trying to find closest class/spec to Shadow Hunter in game. Please help me.

Please don’t tell shaman cuz its w3 thing. Shadow Hunters are not similiar to w3 units anymore.

They are using warglaives looks like 2h but ther attacking animations are 1h. So dual wield Sub rogue can be close.

Or they are wearing mail armor set so mm hunter ( i hate ability visuals ) and Sv hunter (i hate pet and abilities ) close.

please help me to find something

You can also just roleplay being a mailman though.

It’s less difficult to transmog, neighbours will enjoy having small talks with you, young widows enjoy having you on coffee, sometimes you need to use your wits to avoid the dogs in the front garden. Everyone loves the mailman.

I mean… who cares even about this guy who’s hunting shadows… sounds kinda meh to me.

:arrow_up: I guess this is the answer?

I know practically nothing about Shadow Hunters, so I can’t offer any better ideas.

Is there really a mailman transmog? :thinking:


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