Shadow Looking for Guild and M+

Looking for a raiding guild/m+ team. Recently got back to wow after a break, havent done much raiding in DF at all mostly PvP in S1 and some m+ in S1 aswell. Currently getting back for season 4.

Some raiding backstory
CN in Shadowlands Hc 10/10 as WW Monk
Ny’alotha BFA 9/12 Mythic as UH DK
BFA BoD 6/9 Mythic as WW Monk
Can provide logs if interested but its old stuff obviously.

Currently maining Shadow Priest and gearing for S4 headstart. Got some alts aswell but havent decided what to play as a main alt yet
DK,Monk,Warr,Druid and Warlock.

As for me im a mature gamer looking for something similar with some competiveness aswell. If you need more recent logs or whatever ill try and sort that out.

For more info or questions just add me on Disc : datguyslam