Shadow priest atm?

How is shadow priest performing in raids and especially in mythic+ right now? I have been leveling one and considering to main it instead of my warrior which isnt that great in current content. Would you see spriest as a better option?
If the dps spec sucks I guess healing is an option too.

M+ the damage is there but it lacks a lot of key utility that people want for their groups. It’s decent if you have a consistent group you run with that already has the utility they want, but it’s a lot harder to get into pugs.

For raids the spec is a solid 1 of in a roster, only has 1-2 bad fights this tier (SLG and Sun King) on mythic (I guess Sire heroic but P1 doesn’t matter). You do very good single target damage.

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Is this because of the multi-targets that need to be burnt down?

So if i want to do +15 dungeons with priest I should just go with healing spec right?

That fight requires AoE burst for a lot of things , something we dont have.(SLG)

A good warrior will do better overall from a good SP, now if keys go really high and the week is fortified im not 100% sure a warrior can outdps the SP but in most cases yes, warriors are better.

Both tend to get 0 to no invites though and that is the “METASPEC” problem.

Personally as a pugging SP, if i would reroll in this messy class balance i would go something META like WW/FireMage/Huntard/Balance.

Thanks guys. I think I’ll just level as a shadow and do mythic plus and raids as a healer.

edit. Isnt shadow good in castle nathria atm? If so can I just heal in mythic plus and dps in raids? Can you switch specs, use the same gear and still perform on a decent level? And ofc with a legendary swap.

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