Shadow priest dot damage

Just another thread about shadow priest being ridiculous in damage output.

I play MM hunter in pvp and pve, i have 2800hp, around 800 ranged ap self buffed.

How is it possible that priest can drop 3 dots on me in wpvp or ab, and even if nothing else touches me it drops me so low that i can get one shot by anything after dots drained me.

From shadow word death it became just dot spam and disp to avoid all damage…

I agree melee hunts are broken, no suprises there, it got nerfed and that was fair.

MM hunters are so far behind since arcane and serpent dont scale at all.

But priest doting me, running away and still killing me is kinda crap. It made me tunnel vision any priest i find in pvp and just nuke it from pure hatred i have for the class.

Change my opinion.


Its gonna get nerfed*

I guess we all need to complain about something huh?

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Bow to GOD class and move on friend. Nothing can beat Priest! Top heals Top DPS. Fears, Dots, Shields… what ever you want you get it.

Solution is to roll Priest have fun.


You guys are living in a weird fantasy… Shadowpriests are laughable in 1v1 pvp right now vs any melee with a trinket. Rogues, Warrior, hunter… if u lose vs a SP as melee u shouldn’t be pvping.


Even if you beat a SP because he forgot to bind dispers and fear you still die to the ridiculously overtuned void plague. It does the same amount of dmg over 18s as max lvl food can restore over 30s.
Just halve the duration and it will be more manageable while having limited impact in pve, we shouldn’t be hit by mortal strike level of dmg every 3s after the fight is over.

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in the hands of an 1.1 arena player for sure, hydra said, this class is still broken. and btw shadow is still s tier :slight_smile:

Yes, and keep in mind, if the rune who is planed for the next phase makes it into the game, that dot´s are be able to crit, then it´s a gg

i think it should be obvious to every player with more than 2 iq, that this spell getting nerfed a bit in the future.

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Fear is absolutely useless vs any melee with trinket or Warrior… u use dispersion and then what? Get chased until it wears off then get one-shot… in a meta where every basic attack does more dmg than the ridiculous 300dmg absorb shield it’s useless.
So maybe the DoTs will kill you, 5 seconds after the priest has died… big whoop!
The meta right now is 2-3 second kill time for most classes.
Face it - after SWD nerf Spriest has no chance against melee. I obliviate priests on my rogue, Warrior and Shaman… I don’t play melee hunter, but they are broken as it seems.
Spriests are still strong vs mage, MM hunter and locks. That’s about it
Nowhere near as beastly as they were or as some of u paint them.
So again: if u have trouble vs Spriests as melee it’s definitely a skill issue


how do you expect SP to do damage? they cant mind blast/mind flay and get interrupted and these two spells do no damage. the idea of DoT’s is you kill them before the DoT’s do their job and the job of the DoT maker is to survive until DoT’s do their job

also SP range with shadow reach is like 10 yards shorter than hunterd, how can a Spriest chase a huntard to apply dots? unless hunterd is to close

SP does not have enough survivability also, rogues can stunlock them to death without SP barely getting off 1 dot. inner fire/armour mechanic in SoD is nerfed. meanwhile arcane surge/boomkins are wrecking people with no nerfs, games a mess


Its hard to be spriest in BGs tbh. Everyone targets you instantly. All you can do is dot dot disperse and die.
I even laughed one time i saw 3v3 fighting at goldmine and levitated down from hill. As soon as i landed all 3 instantly jumped on me no matter what they were doing before. Felt like mobs when i use challenging shout on my warrior


This video just proves my point even more :smile:

He managed to barely kill the shaman in first clip only because of endless kiting and a major health pot.
Danny even says it at one point „if u let me free cast i can deal serious damage, in 1v1 vs melee it’s a different story“

Well SPs are a huge prio target in BGs because if you let them walk around tab dotting your whole team you simply lost the fight.
If I see one I’ll make sure to kill it first because they tend to kill my pet that doesn’t get 30% health buff without even being aware and there is little I can do against a void plague except retiring in the backline and spamming mend pet.

Not really, proves opposite. Even says in the title xD But you can ignore that he litterly does 1v2s xD Maybe watch from beginning

I watched it all. And I know pvp meta… i play several classes including spriest.
Rogue > all
Im curious what class u play and why u are so wrong about match-ups. Doesn’t sound like u know a lot about pvp tbh

You are playing classic at level 40 with practically TBC phase1 damage…what are you waiting for? The game is completely broken…just like that.

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skill issue

I played shadow 2019 Classic. In AV, if someone is running by on mount, I cast MB, SWP, and DP. Then I mount up and follow him, because I know if he doesn’t stop to heal, he will die. Just saying…
But I agree that most runes do too much damage. It should be about a new playstyle, not neccessarily more damage.
My instant rune is doing more dmg then my old 3sec cast spell.

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Thanks you!

I had a shadow priest dot me with void plague doing 225 per tick = 1350 and shadow word pain ticking for 131 = 1048, total of 2398 damage.

For reference my unbuffed hp on my warrior is 2560, so 2 dots did 93% of my hp.