Shadow priest in need

Hello im looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild im on pyrewood village but willing to move server done mc and onyxia, flexible to most raid schedules.

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Hello there, we have 2 available priest spots - Skullflame realm. 1 for holy and 1 for shadow. A bit more info for us:

EndGame is a guild of mature players with the goal of experiencing the true vanilla.
We have a core group of veterans spread out from vanilla to retail.
We are clearing all current content in 1 raid and we would like to strenghthen a bit our raiding core ahead of Black Wing Lair

What to expect?

We raid 3 times a week during progress.
You can expect knowledagble leading and a whole lot of fun.
We aim to be casual while at the same time raiding as serious as our adult lifes will allow us.

What will we expect from you?

Be somewhat social. When raiding you will be expected to bring your own potions and consumables and put you game face on.
BiS gear is something we will NEVER enforce, but be wary, drops from raids are far and few apart, so upgrading gear outside of raids if needed greatly helps you and the whole raid.

Loot system:

DKP Min bid
Raid schedule:


To see mroe details about us and apply visit

You can always fill the quick application form on our new website. I think we can fit you in perfectly.

Regards !
MmBoKo - Druid Class Leader of Endgame Guild

We are still looking for people for BWLwe are on flamelash.

MakingGains a Friendly Casual 2 day raiding guild MC 10/10 Onyxia 1/1 Preparing for BWL We clear MC/Ony on Friday 20:00 - 23:00.

Mighty kind offer sent in an application on the website ^^ sounds like something im after.

Thank you for the application m8. We are currently reviewing it and will get back to you in a few hours with more info !

Regards !

Nooo completely forgot about the realm transfer restrictions cursers!

Ah…Pyrewood is Normal …our is PVP :frowning: so unfortunate. If you ever decide to level and alt on our realm, poke us ingame for inv :slight_smile: we are always on the hunt of mature and friendly people . levels will come :slight_smile:

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