Shadow Priest main experience?

Hey guys! i try to decide which cloth class i level to 60 …i love shadowpriest playstyle and affli warlock…now my concerns priests have only 1 dmg spec. Im not a min/max person but we know specs can be useless for months/years, and having only 2 heal specs as a alternative is lil bit risky, i like healing but if i have to put out numbers i always play 80% of my time as a dd and maybe 20% if not lower as a healer.

Any hardcore shadowpriest main here, who played over the years most of the time only shadow? how is the experience playing shadow in raid,m+ and especially PVP?

Its not the same spec anymore with other strengths/weaknesses than before. But lets assume nothing gets changed on the shadowpriest we will continue to mainly be a singletarget spec. We look to scale pretty decent but since we lack cleavedmg I have a hard time seeing us being very good for future raids. Atleast for endbosses that usually isnt just singletarget. But its hard to predict. Blizzard might help us out or maybe the next raid will play to our strengths.

With the Warlock you atleast got options.

I hadn’t played since legion and came back specifically for Shadowlands so I have nothing really current to compare the class to.

I am really enjoying Shadow Priest at the minute, my gear isn’t top level compared to some other DPS in my guild yet I can still actively compete. I don’t like having to switch around a lot of talents to get high AOE damage and I really really feel like Mind Sear needs some serious love and attention (some version of Searing Nightmare should be baseline and base damage of MS increased).

Other than that I am very happy and can compete in raids and M+, I feel SW:D should generate some insanty and VT and SW:P should have the same duration but I’m personally having a lot of fun

I Enjoy it a lot but it does seem that im last on the list when it comes to getting a party for raiding or M+

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I’ve only been playing spriest since Ny’alotha, but I’m enjoying it. Single target and cleave fights in raid are great fun, although aoe feels incredibly clunky with searing nightmare. No experience in m+ as spriest, but pvp feels a lot better now that we do actual damage with our dots.

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If it’s not your main I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

I’m just leveling mine for pvp and the last time I played (and mained) spriest was Cata so it’s fun so far, looking forward to checking out the redesign further. There were definitely times when spriest was sucky in pvp but it’s wanted in both arenas and bgs atm. I don’t heal so shadow is all I’ll play, I also have a monk just for ww or shaman for ele. So again if it’s not your main and just fun alt I think it’s ok to roll it just for 1 spec.

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As SP main i can say it’s very decent as main …
There is a problem in M+, my opinion is that MS/SN … is ridiculous and i’m not talking about damage, i’m talking about how it plays…the flow. And it’s not that you have many options in that department.
Other than that, it’s pretty decent in any department of the game …Raid/arena/Rated BG and ofc you can solo torghast effectively.
Thinking that i main SP 15 years… i’d say play it. Just not expect too much at M+…
It’s not that you can’t play M+ though…


It plays much better with this macro IMO.

  • #showtooltip
  • /cast [channeling:Mind Sear,talent:3/3] Searing Nightmare;
  • [@mouseover,harm,nodead] [] Shadow Word: Pain
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What does it do and what dmg rotation do you use and talents?

Making a video for you as an explanation, one moment.

Edit to add the video clip and the explanation.

This macro - with properly removed spaces - turns one bind into two things based on what you want it to do. Normally it is a Shadow Word: Pain mouseover macro. You mouse over the appropriate target and give them the DoT. But, if you channel Mind Sear, and have Searing Nightmare, you press the bind to use Searing Nightmare.

Correct macro is as follows:
/cast [channeling:Mind Sear,talent:3/3] Searing Nightmare;[@mouseover,harm,nodead][]Shadow Word: Pain

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With the shadow priest rework in shadowlands the spec is going to scale incredibly well when the expansion progresses. We’re already in a really good spot damage wise for raids, M+ and pvp and will only continue to get better :slight_smile:

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