Shadow Priest pvp right now

What’s up guys. I play both shadow priest and assassination rogue (always been assassination). This summer shadow priest was enjoyable, I dare say even more than my rogue. Right now, however, shadow is unplayable.

I do bgs and world pvp. In bgs warriors charge me the moment they see me, melees in general. Then it’s a constant rotation of interrupt, stun, interrupt, fear, interrupt, stun, interrupt, another melee’s random micro cc… it becomes a race about who will land the killing blow on me.

I cannot cast a single offensive spell.

No class should be that helpless

On my rogue I might have even been able to kill them both in 1v2.

It’s so frustrating that the only enjoyment I get out of it right now is landing Shadow Word: Death critical hits finishing up somebody else’s hard work. The damage overall is bad too.

I feel useless now and the only thing I seem to contribute is PI and Psyfiend


Same feelings here.

I enjoyed spriest last patch but now it feels unplayable. Rogues and warriors counter everything and melt me like our defensives got nerfed or something. I can’t counter anything meanwhile they immediately get 50% of my hp off and I have to play defensively. Our dots take forever to wind up any decent damage on them. We’re like affli lock except spriest is like smaller handicapped brother

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This is why Anduin switched to Paladin ages ago I think

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I opened a topic a little before you addressing just what you comment. The shadow priest needs an urgent overhaul in its PvP game mechanics against melees.

Idk but I wish they chained the people who developed the current SP into a PC chair and forced them to play 600 lobbies of solo shuffle with nothing but melee trains running them over.

Maybe then they would understand you can’t design a game a like this


Shadowpriest is unplayable in pvp since shadowlands season 3. all melees casters can destroy him easily the class needs overhaul rework. which impossbile for bllizard

This is by far the best thing ive read for a solution on SP.
Gave me a really HUGE laughter … Tears came down my face man.
Ty for making me laugh…

Best regards , a bullied fellow sp.


wish they dev team played their abominations called class balance.

Vampiric touch should be as feared to dispel as is Unstable Affliction. It should do a nice amount of dmg and horror for like 1-2 sec

It used to

shadow needs Jesus. right now.

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I dont know if i got some really good lobbys in SoloQ in a raw, but them i was blasting and almost going 6-0 sometimes the execute of shadow is so strong, my tactics was just standing in the middle and spam damage

I mean you cannot escape anyway from meeles why eaven trying, i was not eaven playing silence just full defensive that heal you passive and i feel quit like a tank, i use my fear onlly defensive and most of the time people stop attacking me after a round or too because i was too tanky, from there on my damage was pumping maybe because i have the old 2 set boni

If someone struggle you can try my build out, just stand in the middle and spam damage

untill you meet full melee with a DK kicking you along side a mist monk (:wink:

my reaction to your statement

As i say could just be lucky lobbys

they probably didn’t charge you

Idk, i would say that DP and sw:pain dispells should inherit the fear punushment and vampiric touch should be straight up undispelable, period.
Like it doesnt even do that unhealable damage, but its essential for us to even function.

Also if you take a close look at SP PvP talents just Phase Shift is a decent one for defensiv and avoiding CC *could be 1.5too 2 sec for shadow

Absolute Faith seems like a Joke, yeah i drop lets pull my team toghether that they can finish us all together as team

Catharsis should work like the more i hit SP the more damage he does but lets be honest wich meele is like omg we drop stop hitting SP he plays Catharsis, they should delete the part with cannot exeed 12%of your maximum hp just let it stack infinity

2 Talents that buff our Cd dark Ascension, non of them let it cast instant or give us a short kick immunity, void volley is undertuned and Driven to Madness just doesnt do nothing if they let you not cast it

Psyfiend is ez killed useless

Mind trauma too week no impact

Thoughsteel never used it, seems interresting but a long cd

As i remember most PvP talents where once nerfed in seasons SP where actually decent and thats why thwy are weak atm.

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