Shadowlands ...🤯

After many years playing wow, and enjoying something from every expansion, I understand Blizzard that you can’t please everyone and you will not always get it right.
But I have never experienced an expansion like Shadowlands and I hope I never have to again.

Suggestions: (Get the basics right)


Get the story right and spend time on it.
Story needs to bring you on a journey. It is the backbone of the game. It doesn’t feel like that anymore. It should make me want to take my character on a journey as the hero to fight the new threat facing Azeroth. Levelling, dungeons and raids are more enjoyable when the story is solid.
Shadowlands doesn’t achieve that and is so boring that I can’t even be bothered doing a dungeon/raid and didn’t even finish collecting for a legendary piece. Why would I care about getting better gear for the final battle when the story and threat fails to interest me.


Would it not be more fun to have at least one piece of armor or weapon that you get from the beginning that levels with you. Each expansion could bring new powers to that piece which could drop from dungeons and raids bosses and pvp battlegrounds as you go through the expansion. There could be different power tiers: rare, epic, legendary and depending on what you have, by the end of the expansion they could be converted to ilvl and extra stats for that piece which would allow you to take something from all the previous expansions and continue through the next ones

Character Changes:

Why all the changes all the time?? My mage feels so different in shadowlands. My rotation is definitely smaller than before, character feels boring to use, and borrowed powers were not a good idea when it comes to character abilities. I honestly don’t see why you guys should constantly nerf and buff characters and have that control, I pay for the game therefore my character should be the way I want it. If it is a case where it is to make it fair for everyone, then you need a better way.

Flying: While I totally understand why it is the way it is, I really feel flying should be just allowed from the start of an expansion . If players want to skip parts of the areas they should be able to. I understand the work that goes into each game and you want it appreciated but you will lose players this way. I don’t appreciate anything about this expansion and was forced to level through it in a tedious manner hoping it would get better after hitting max. I could have flown around and maybe it might not annoyed me so much. I also point out I wasn’t forced to play but I paid €85 for the game so felt one character should at least play to max :sweat_smile:

Overall this expansion was a chore and a horrible one at that and I loved all the last expansions (fyi). Even the music and design were not to my liking. Where I would normally log in and just ignore what I didn’t like, I don’t like how my character feels and couldn’t be bothered levelling my alts. Im somebody who rarely complains and am actually quite easy to please (usually), but shadowlands has really annoyed and disappointed me.

Un-subbed for now, will hopefully be back as I can’t imagine not playing wow.

Edit: This: World of Warcraft Patch
made me smile and laugh so much I just have to come back, only wrote the post a week ago but haven’t played in months!

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