Shadowlands: An Inside Look at the Character Creation UI Redesign

Shadowlands: An Inside Look at the Character Creation UI Redesign

The release of Shadowlands provided a new opportunity to streamline and redesign the character creation process. Go behind-the-scenes with Senior UI Designer Jeff Liu to learn more about the thought processes behind it.

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Better bring 9.2


Sure sure, the character creation is amazing. Can we now focus developers and designers on what actually matters again? I really don’t care about the next new color ponytail. Thanks.


I appreciate to have more customization options and know that it took time having to rework some of the framework around it.

But how about changing how items like the reflecting prism work to let people enjoy traveling across azeroth as who they really want to be? Without the need for workarounds and timers that constantly get in the way.
The game has so many cool hostile and friendly npc models alike, it’d be a blast to just have fun with it, especially as far as RP is concerned.


Haha, yes. This character creation UI is so amazing. It’s lovely that it shows everything you are yet to become so you can immediately feel disappointed with your own character seconds into entering the world, leaving you feeling dissatisfied and longing until you hit level 60 and gained your first tier set.

Good job I guess.


Is the one on the left a Void Elf or a Blood Elf…? Can’t even tell the difference anymore!

it’s alright but its not the best character creation in mmorpg…

not the worse either mind…

if you are going to strive to do character creation instead of content at least strive to be the best on the market.

You need to look from a different point of view at this post. It was published by the UI Design Team, which did a great job and huge improvements for a specific part of the game.

Tbh we got real good stuff design wise. So this team is getting payed for a reason. The men and woman responsible for the content/story/systems design of shadowlands are the incompetent ones :wink:

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Ok, this made me laugh, you get a like.

Also I kinda preferred the look of the old UI, it was a bit jagged but it had character, the new one feels very generic, also did this really warrant an “inside look”.

Interesting read. This stole the show though :joy:


Not even the powers of Ragnaros can purge this abomination

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The updated creation screen and the overall update of the customisation options and menu both there and the barbershop have been amazing and greatly appreciated.

However, would it be possible to allow a toggle to colour a characters eyes individually? Just a little jarring that you can give Worgen females heterochromatic eyes however they come in colours not available in their other form, and in one case are actually directly opposite colours of each eye.

Also, I’d like to have my beard back when I transmog a helmet since the beard quality was updated with a new model on the Human male.

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Establishing a robust union for collective bargaining is the first step toward redressing the grievances of employees and preventing further top-down abuse.

Just be honest, you took a shot at BDO’s CC and basically said. ‘‘Hmm. Think we can do that just as good, in fact maybe better but in a WoW sense that is streamlined and more accessible’’.

But hey. Good you finally copy a thing that i actually approve of (BDO has best CC in any MMO since ever. A huge amount of people that have played MMOs in general agree in this. I have read the Net for years so i know what i am talking about here!)

The glorious Mechatiran

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