Shadowlands content in 2023

So I just came back to the game after a two years break (since 9.1) and while my main focus will obviously be on Dragonflight, I do plan to eventually go back and grind out some of the Shadowlands cosmetics / finish up the covenant campaigns I didn’t get around to. Which makes me want to ask; did they ever speed up the Anima grind / added catchup mechanics, or am I looking at a very long process?

In a similair vein, will the 9.2 content be at all timegated for me, or can I blast through it in a day or two?

The later zones tend to give more AP. I seem to remember both Korthia and Zereth Mortis giving more AP than we got in earlier parts of the game.

You should just be able to plough through the campaign on one covenant get everything unlocked. Once you’ve done that you can swap and work through the others getting each one to cap. As far as I’m aware, the catch up renown is only available if you’ve previously completed the renown on another character.

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Indeed. Zereth Mortis in particular, for all your Anima needs. My level 70 alts can easily get 1000 Anima from ZM in one visit.

You want to grind to Renown 44-45 ASAP to get flying, and you will also need to do the Korthia intro, which only takes a couple of hours, and then the ZM intro to get ZM flying, which is a liittle more annoying, but not unreasonable.

It’s all very do-able in a reasonable time for a 70.

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