Shadowlands Developer Update

Awesome news, glad to see many covenant changes finally implemented!

Did you consider removing anima cap and doing something with Redeemed Souls? For old characters it is another useless currency, and for new characters it takes 3-4 months to fully get all upgrades while sitting on 35k anima almost all the time (assuming you don’t want to spend it on crafting mats).


I am happy now, these updates will literally give me loads of content to do. Thank you for communication and coming forward with acknowledging the shortcomings.
Lot’s of players will be cynical and sceptic - I don’t think I can blame them. But hopefully this will actually be a turning point.

Love most of the changes so much, especially Legion Timewalking with M+, i really appreciate that :slight_smile:

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Good change.
After i switch cov, will my renown reset aswell?

Could we get clarification on Legion M+? like… actual… m+? and… can we… keep it… please?


It’s all good stuff, but I refuse to congratulate you for listening to us. You want a pat on the back for that? Invent a time machine, travel back a year, and tell the developers to do all this BEFORE the game launches rather than as a mid expansion band aid.

And why the salt?

Because you keep doing this. You keep introducing systems you have no hope of balancing, which fight against us, which waste our time, which offer horrible grinds and then you fight us as much as you can in changing them until as close to the end of the expansion as possible and THEN, THEN you fix them only to toss it all out in the trash with the next expansion and to begin repeating the cycle.

The only reason these changes are coming now is nothing to do with the lore, or the narrative, or how impactful the Covenant system was at the beginning. It’s because millions of players have voted with their feet and they’ve left and this is an attempt to show you are capable of listening. Which this does, you are indeed capable of listening.

When your backs are against the wall and you are bleeding subscribers faster than you’d like.

So I will take these changes. I will even acknowledge that they are good changes. But I won’t thank you for them because these should have been in place since launch and it was the arrogance of the dev team which blinded them to the fact that what they were introducing was going to end up in a horrible mess.

You want plaudits? You want thanks? You want the adulation of your community? Then take this as a lesson learned and apply it to 10.0. If whatever expansion comes next doesn’t require a mid expansion dismantling of your failed systems as Shadowlands AND Battle for Azeroth have both done, THEN you’ll get some thanks because you’ll have done something.

I will not gush over someone cleaning up the mess they made when they were told repeatedly not to go and make that mess and they arrogantly went ahead anyway.


Good changes. Please reduce the honor/conquest grind on new characters, its not fun to do bg’s for 100+ hours and then grind arenas, undergeared, for another 30 hours. Not to mention farming leggo & conduits.


I do hope that I won’t have to go to oribos everytime I have to change my covenant, just integrate it to the talent UI, also I hope my soulbind settings stays when I change back and forth, and next time just try listening to the community and not wait till your game dies to change obvious stuff.


Very great changes, keep ut the good work!
I wish though that you would had listen to the community a year ago or during the beta, I think the game should be in a better state right now.

I am also doing many alts and one of improvement I liked to either to transfer anima from my main char to my alts or when it’s regarding the Sanctum Upgrade make it Account wide. So if you got the achivement that you have to upgrade them all on one charachter all alts automatic have it so you don’t need to upgrade to rank 3 on transport network in your third characther for instance. :slight_smile:

I also wish for instance Death Advance reputation Exalted will be unlocked to all char, so if you go in to Korthia with your alt and you have already got it exalted on your first characther it will not hurt the game either so you can buy from vendor and don’t need to get exalted there.

This is much but also wanted to have Renown account wide. So if you have instance Renown 84 on your first characther it will be automatic 84 on your second characther as well, it’s not a big deal, or either if you have for instance two or more Venthyr it had been very nice to have the same renown in all of them. :slight_smile:

Also made Legion content easier to do cause it was two expansion away so you don’t need to have it more difficult to run when you’re so much at a higher level.

But again, keep up the good work. I hope you listen to my feedback.

Best Regards,


Any chance to see 450 and 500 mount achievement? pretty please


it’s late but thanks
BTW pls next time just listen to feedback in alpha and BETA
because this is the proof of player feedback matters
not all but the GOOD feedback does
because if shadowlands launched without a conduit energy
and with freeswaping covenant it would be much much more better expansion at this point because you could do different things



This is such a needed update and FINALLY you decide to implement these well-needed changes before the .3 patch of the expansion. This opens up so many doors for trying out different covenants and playing alts. Which in turn will make the game alive again since people will actually play their alts. It’s such an absolute horrible experience as it is right now and I’m actually getting tears in my eyes from these patch notes. It really feels like you have listened to the community and brought the changes (relatively) quickly.

Thank you again for this.

Time to take a break from the game until this amazing patch is out.

Is this the part when we’re supposed to act happy and relieved for changes the community has begged for since the beta?
It’s actually saddening that the game has come into a cycle of “Introduce awful system–>get blastered online for months on end---->ignore feedback and say it’ll grow on us---->admit mistakes halfway through expansion when the player count dwindles—>remove awful system” and repeat!

Anyways, im ready for the bi-hourly grind for shadow knowledge next xpac, it’ll be behind a paywall this time i presume?


All great changes! Since you are updating character customisation… Can you PLEASE make it so Hunters can put enchant transmogs on their Bow and Gun?! Its about time you let us Hunters use enchant mogs…


Decrease the RNG of loot raids and dungeons! Increase loot ilvl to MM + and currently modify shard system plz !


i love you :smiley:

Credit where credit is due. Thank you for communicating and the changes!

These are good changes, albeit you had this feedback in Beta (as you know) and this is too long to respond to it. It is what it is, so good you are making changes now, but there are some areas people will want you to go farther on:

  • Archivist’s Codex rep unlocks - this needs to be account-wide for 9.1.5. Same too with Death’s Advance.

  • You need to make Soul Cinders a ton quicker to acquire - 262s farmable inside a reset, something like what you’ve done with Soul Ash.

  • Can you remove the diminishing returns on Covenant farms, so if I do an HC at renown 50 I get a renown every time?

  • Please firm up on the covenant switching and how we can do it - are mythic raiders going to be hearthing to Oribos every pull or are you going to link it to a Tome?


It would be really nice if you undid the limitation on the use of the custom group search, participation and creation in the LFG window. Limiting it to level 50 and above is vile and discriminating against casual players and those who like to XP stop to experience older content more level appropriate, without quickly out-leveling it. Yes, some of us actually like exploring the stories and zones of older parts of the game at our leisure. Us playing through older content more extensively means we spend more time in your game. Isn’t that something you should want? Limit it to level 20 and above. It would be much more fair to the larger player base.

Similarly, is it not high time you removed the discriminating difference in rewards of the once-a-year world events special dungeon encounters? Everyone wants a fair chance at the same rewards without constantly being nudged to progress to max level as fast as possible.

Seeing as you are putting some attention into older content, why stop at Legion and Battle for Azeroth? Two older expansions spring to mind for me, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, where whole quest-lines and their stories were removed because you wanted to keep the legendary item rewards of those quests-lines exclusive to those who played the expansion when it was current. The Pandaria cloak, however, is still necessary to access a zone on the Timeless Isle, so no luck for those who joined WoW after Mists. By all means, keep the final, outdated and unimpactful-in-current-content reward removed if it matters so much (though the question “why does it still matter?” comes to mind), but at least restore the quests and story that came with them. Not all of us started playing the game from it’s beginning, and removal of content untouched by the Cataclysm world revamps makes no sense to us.

What about banning Multiboxing, like so many other MMOs? It is the single most disruptive thing to both people’s game experience in “lucrative” zones and to the economy. Some people are practically traumatized by the sound of the Starfall spell. As far as the economy, nothing else breaks or could break it so bad as allowing the creation of these in-game “whales”. Even if you finally gave people what many have been asking for for years- more professions on a single character- it wouldn’t damage the economy or give anyone an “unfair economical advantage” (if the conditions are equal for all, no one has a real advantage) like multiboxing does to those who can afford it. Your ways of “balancing” multiboxer activity by introducing ridiculous gold-sinks into the game is and has been an insult and a spit in the face of the larger player base which includes many casual players who can never hope to obtain such “rewards”. The whales of the game, people with many times the gold cap across multiple characters and probably maxed out battlenet balance, have most likely always had a good laugh seeing these introduced. Some rewards should require some work to obtain, even by casual players, but not this soul-sucking amount. I have seen friends in BfA almost figuratively killing themselves through endless farms and grinds, trying to get that 5 million gold mount. You have literally chipped at peoples nerves and sanity in exploiting some people’s need to collect, obtain and achieve things.

Finally, it would be nice to see, moving forward, more emphasis on quality content in place of quantity of collectibles. We want good stories and high quality systems, with attention given to more than just the rich and/or high skill players, not 5 color variations of the same model of mount or pet. An endless amount of collectibles won’t keep us playing the game if it’s not good enough, and having less, yet (occasionally) harder to obtain things makes us appreciate those when obtained that much more.


Allow flying in Oribos and the MAW,

Allow solo Legion Raids.

Portals from Oribos to Maldraxxus, Revendreth, Ardenweald and Bastion.
This “traveling” between zones just takes time, and does nothing positive to the game,
I end up losing will to play, by just sittin on that eel, for minutes, and playing card games awhile, remove it.

Also, You sould allow to continue or at least finish the storylines or expansions we started in Chromie time, or just allow players to sclate down, to be able to quest nicely, not jsut onehit everything, thats runis the feeling. The tech is there, you just need to use it,